The tHOTlist 2019

Evaluating queer nightlife in the city that basically started it all is not a science… at least, not one that we’ve mastered yet here at Thotyssey. There are, at any given moment, thousands of people and moments making their mark in ways that this blog will never know about. So, the annual disclaimer of “sorry if you are not represented the way you’d like to be here, but everything is subjective and maybe Thotyssey is dumb” still stands. But also, please feel free to complain about it publicly, ’cause we love the attention!

2019 saw many newcomers make their mark, and performers who had previously taken a step back return to the limelight. Absent from this year’s list? Folks who have taken their nightlife success to different levels, both on the global stage like Drag Race stars Aja and Sasha Velour (a prolific rapper and major multimedia performance artist, respectively) and behind the scenes (Mitch Ferrino is a music producer, Florence D’Lee is designing looks for celebs in and beyond nightlife, Vincent Cooper is managing megastars like Brita Filter and Stephanie’s Child). Also not here: people who decided to sit the year out, artists like the brilliant Untitled Queen who’s performances are now venturing outside of nightlife spaces and tropes, and of course the people and places and trends that Thotyssey hasn’t caught wind of yet. Okay, enough disclaiming. Who’s on this list!? Continue to #305-251

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