ThotSpot: Dragula Season 3 Viewing with Maddelynn Hatter (Macri Park, 9.17.2019)

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By Jeremy Grossman

Below are spoilers for Dragula Season 3, Episode 4!

Season 3 of Dragula has certainly been spooky, but not for the reasons you might expect! Fans have been miffed with Amazon Prime, which started streaming the show for the first time this year. Nearly every week, there’s been some sort of hiccup – episodes have been late to air or miscategorized in Amazon’s library, while future episodes have been released early (seemingly by mistake?).

One thing that’s not a mistake, though, is Maddelynn Hatter’s weekly Dragula viewings at Macri Park. The Season 3 contestant created an inviting, intimate space to watch Episode 4 at the most recent viewing on Tuesday, Sept. 17, complete with behind-the-scenes secrets, tea about her fellow competitors, and – as expected! – some shade thrown toward Amazon Prime.

“Amazon Prime is not doing the best, I think we’re all aware,” Maddelynn said. “But I will be airing the episodes in succession here at Macri Park. I will be experiencing all of this with you, and I promise I will not be watching any of them before I watch it with you.”

Maddelynn also took a moment to express gratitude toward her fans, and the viewers who come out to watch with her every week.

“This whole experience was awful, and the experience only got good when I got to meet all of you,” she said. “And that’s really where the sweet spot started to reveal itself.”

During the episodes, viewers cheered and showed their support for Maddelynn during an especially challenging episode, where she unfairly ended up in the bottom at no fault of her own (Dollya Black – who should’ve taken her place – was saved by a “Key of Life and Death” that she found at the beginning of the episode, which granted her the option to save herself from elimination).

The final few seconds of the episode were the most thrilling of the night! The audience erupted into applause when it was revealed that Maxi Glamour had been eliminated instead of Maddelynn – an outcome that everyone in the room had been hoping for (though Maxi will be missed, too!).

Following the episode viewing, Maddelynn performed multiple numbers, and was joined by her drag daughter Zavaleta and fellow spooky queen Peroxide Femanon. RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11 competitor Honey Davenport also performed fantastic live numbers, including a cover of “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon.

Maddelynn’s live viewing was the ultimate way to experience Dragula! Anyone who’s watching the show – especially those who have been annoyed by the way Amazon Prime has been treating it – will find a lot to love at Macri Park on Tuesday nights.

All videos by Jeremy Grossman.

Jeremy Grossman is a writer, content creator, drag fan, and new resident of Hell’s Kitchen! But you can typically find him hanging out in the West Village at Rockbar, or riding the PATH train to work in Jersey City. Follow Jeremy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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