On Point With: Patsy InDecline

Despite her name, this comedy queen and recent Miss Congeniality is very much on the rise with a business plan chock full sickening gigs. In no time, we will all be crazy for Patsy InDecline!

Thotyssey: Patsy, hello! Thanks for talking to us today!

Patsy InDecline: Thank you so much for having me! It’s an honor!

The honor is all mine! So, DragCon is already nearly upon us… are you considering going?

You know, I went the first year it was in NYC, and I was not impressed. Long lines, expensive food and drinks … I would rather go to Bushwig.

I think that’s gonna be the ticket this year! It’s a shame that it was more challenging to get in the lineup this time around.

I know! But I’m so proud of my sisters who made the cut; the whole lineup is sick, and I’m so ready to turn a look and party with my boos.

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You’re part of a large nightlife family, right?

Yes, I’m part of the Legendary Haus of Guiou! We’re based outta Queens, NY.

Where are you from originally?

I’m originally from Charleston, SC, and that’s where I met my husband/drag wife Ducky Sheaboi. We met in college. He had a boyfriend at the time, but I stole him.

You go! Were you both studying performing arts in college?

Not at ALL! I studied Art History and Studio Art in college, and moved here because our marriage wasn’t legal in South Carolina at the time. When we moved here, I got a job teaching 4th grade in East Harlem, and Ducky was making almond milk at a small start up in Brooklyn.


So when did drag come to the picture?

That all happened about eight years later, once we moved to NYC and fell in love with the scene. The thing is, I’m actually a very introverted person in my day to day life. Drag allows me the space to be creative and express a special part of my childhood that I felt so ashamed of for many years.

You’re actually very funny on the mic… a natural comedian!

Awww thanks, kitten! I draw a lot of inspiration from my childhood, growing up listening to Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, Whitney Huston. I also love trashy reality TV, which is a wealth of content in itself! Mixing a Jerry Springer clip with some Donna Summer is my JAM! I draw my humor from the observations I have mostly in the moment, and totally off the cuff. Usually never rehearsed.

Incredible! So, the first time many of us first heard of you was when you partook in Season 2 of the ICONIC drag competition at Icon Bar. What motivated you to make that leap, and how did you ultimately enjoy the experience?

I love drag, and I love being able to push boundaries to drive content I would normally shy away from. ICONIC seemed like the perfect fit, especially after watching Ducky go through Season 1. I loved the experience! I had the opportunity to meet lots of really cool contestants, bring together an amazing style team who have become family, and win the title of Miss Congeniality, which was the title I really wanted for a first time competitor.

And now, ICONIC Season 3 is nearly here.

Some of my faves are applying for their seats! So excited.

What advice would you give to this new batch of contestants?

My advice would be as follows: be unapologetically you, be creative. be deliberate in everything you put on stage. And just let that freak flag fly, honey!


Werk! You’re about to complete the last of three scheduled monthly brunches in Astoria’s Maizal restaurant this Saturday, alongside Ducky and last year’s ICONIC winner Audrey Phoenix. How have you been enjoying being a brunch queen… and will you be doing more of that in the future?

Funny you should ask… I love doing brunch! It’s the most fun because the guests come out for a SHOW! Between us girlfriends, I love it because you do it early, get paid bank, and get to take all the makeup, hair, and nails off and enjoy the rest of the evening at home with your boo thangs!

Are we doing more? YES! This three month run was a trial, and the owners love it. So after this final one, we’re all gonna sit down and renegotiate / figure out what worked and didn’t work in order to move forward with the show!


Amazing and congrats! And you have another Astoria gig in the works as well.

We have a Cardinal Vodka sponsored event coming up with our good Judy, Pussy Willow, that I’m super excited for! It’s at The Astorian on Saturday, August 17th. Lots of fun and free drinks!


Looking ahead, on Sunday, September 15 you and Ducky will be at Three’s Brewery along with Celah Doore and Edie James for “Pop Quiz!”

Ducky is an amazing producer and has been putting on amazing shows all over the city since Season 1 of ICONIC. The evening is themed as a “back to school” night full of new mixes, bar games and trivia! It’s gonna be a hoot and a half.


Anything else?

I am so grateful for all the opportunities that are in the works. We just wrapped up our first drag tour through the south, which was soooo much fun and it really built my confidence in my work. We sold out our first show ever, and got to perform at a charity event to raise funds for homeless LGBTQ+ youth. It was truly eye-opening, and so rewarding!

We’re also working on a top secret project that I can’t wait to discuss, but we’re in the negotiation phases now and I don’t want to jinx it. Keep an eye out because this Queen is going places!

Congrats on everything! In conclusion: what continues to excite you about drag today… and what frustrates you?

Frustrations around scheduling conflicts. I work in an elementary school Monday through Friday, 7:15-5:30. It’s a major time suck, and not my passion. My passion is my art. But this bitch gotta pay bills, so here we are!

I continue to be excited about collaborating on projects with the people I love the most! We’re definitely leveling up as a team, and everyone loves to support our art with their art. We have an amazing hair and makeup stylist Michael Akazawa, makeup artist Rena, and an amazing nail artist and clothing designer Aya who support us in every single project we put together. They’re family, and their constant love and feedback motivates me to push myself harder.

Thanks, Patsy!


Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Patsy InDecline’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Instagram.

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