1 Thot Minute with CoCo De’Ball

A relocated West Village favorite is finally returning to the gayborhood for a brand new kiki, just in time for World Pride Month. But now she’ll be dropping original songs on us!

Thotyssey: CoCo! Great seeing you last night at the POSE viewing party at Rockbar!

CoCo De’Ball: It was amazing seeing you as well!

OMG, Patti LuPone in that episode…

I know, she is pulling out Momma Rose for this role!

I can’t wait to see where this goes! Gurl, how is suburban Ohio treating this queen? 

Lol! It’s treating her really well, to be honest! I am literally living my own weird Hannah Montana life at the moment, and can’t really complain about how happy I have been as of late.

Hannah Montana in more ways then one…. I hear we are getting some original CoCo music!

Yes, it is true! I have been wanting to release music for a really long time, but it’s just now that I have finally mustered up De’Ballz to actually do it! I just finished recording my first song that was co-written with the incredible Wendy Ho, and am going to be premiering it this Thursday at RockBar. Now, if I’m going to be singing it live or pulling a pop star lip sync, that is yet to be determined. Not that I don’t want to sing it live! But, you know, lip syncing to my own jam has also always been a dream of mine.

I’ll take it both ways! So yeah, Rockbar… since the sad closing of Boots & Saddle, where you had a popular long-running weekly (then after your move to Ohio, monthly) show, we haven’t seen much of you in the West Village. But that’s all about to change, starting this Thursday! Tell us more about the new monthly at Rockbar.

Oh my Goodness, I’m so excited! I started my drag career with a weekly show on Christopher Street at the old Boots and Saddle, and miss my old shows there so much. But I am so freaking excited to be back on Christopher Street, working at a venue that is owned by some really respectable men! I am bringing back the crazy random brilliance that is a CoCo De’Ball show, with even bigger gags and slightly more fun! The show is called “1 Happy Hour / A 2 Hour Show,” and trust me… it’s going to be a hoot and a holler!

Maybe we’ll be able to dig up some of those old Boots regulars for this.

I pray so! The reason I kept turning the party at Boots wasn’t for anyone but the patrons.  And more so than that, friends who I haven’t seen in a quick minute! But I am going to be bringing the same old crazy energy I had before. So, everyone better be ready, because you never know what’s going to happen during this party.  And don’t forget to get there early, because the first hour truly is a “Happy” Hour!


One gig you’ve been keeping up with quite regularly since Boots’ demise, even since your relocation, is a monthly presence at Club Feathers in New Jersey. Will we see you there this weekend?

I’ll actually be there this Friday night, June 21st! These next two days are going to be a test to see if her body can still do it all!


Okay, finally: what should the children be mindful of this coming Pride Sunday?

I think one of the biggest things we all need to be mindful of is the fact that hate is still running thick through the veins of this country. We still have gay youth being told by their families that what they are is not normal. We have people using the Bible as a weapon against our community on a daily. We have our trans sisters of color being murdered at an alarmingly rising rate. The fight must continue, and we must continue to spread love and happiness. And more so than anything else, we must stand strong and always be Proud!

Happy Pride, CoCo!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for CoCo De’Ball’s upcoming scheduled appearances, and follow CoCo on FacebookInstagramTwitter,  YouTubeDragQueenMerch and her own website.

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(photo: @francodeball)

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