1 Thot Minute with Jayse Vegas

The singer unleashes “The Gay Agenda” upon us this weekend.

Thotyssey: Hey Jayse! How is your very busy Pride month treating you so far?

Jayse Vegas: Jim! How’s it going boo?! This pride month has got me good! I just finished a week of nonstop shows and productions! Today is my only day off until July 1st!  However, I’m not complaining. I’ve been able to not only promote my upcoming EP, The Gay Agenda, but I’ve been given opportunities to celebrate Pride all over! From Queens, to Brooklyn, to Long Island– shoot, I even took my team to Connecticut, for Fairfield Pride!

I just listened to The Gay Agenda tonight and I love it. It’s a very tight but pristinely produced and moody set of gaylicious pop songs.

Wow ! Thank you! Haha “gaylicious” needs to be on a T-shirt.

How long have you been working on this… and did you have any general inspiration for these songs?

The Gay Agenda had been in the works for a little over a year now. The last two or three months though, have been dedicated to this project. Once [my single] “Meet Me On The Moon” and all my work [dancing for, recording and shooting videos] with Honey Davenport had settled, I took every chance I could to finish this EP.

As for inspiration, each track has it’s own story, but they all revolve around acceptance. One song is about accepting love (“Born Again”), another is about accepting pain (“No Mercy”), another is accepting your inner demons (“Blasphemy”), another is about accepting yourself while accepting that you may or may not be everyone’s cup of tea (“Peace Be With You”).

That last one is my favorite.

“Peace Be With You” is so chill… and such a great F. U. song, without being vulgar. Haha!

Did you learn anything new about yourself during this process of recording?

I mostly learned how to be more confident in the words I’m saying. I listen back, and I’m pretty impressed with the lyrics and their delivery.

Tell the children where and when they can get these songs!

Friday, June 21st! THE GAY AGENDA will be available on ALL streaming platforms! iTunes/Apple Music! Spotify! TiDal! All that! And every Wednesday at Offside Tavern, where I’ll be performing these tracks and more!

“Feels Like Vegas,” that super queer weekly show you’ve been hosting for a minute now at that super straight bar, has really amassed a huge, rabid following! You host that with your partner-in-crime Robert Garcia, while Senerio deejays and Aria Jae twirls as your “Queen of the Night.”

Ahhh! FEELS LIKE VEGAS! The show has progressed so well over the year! We work really close as a team to give the best we can offer! We communicate like a business should. I think it’s really cool that We have regulars! Some come every week, some are there two-three times a month! It’s such a phenomenal experience, and one of the things I’m most proud of accomplishing in nightlife. Especially in a sports bar!


And now you’re also hosting “Slay With Me” monthly at Rockbar! Last time I was there, you rocked an acoustic set and brought the house all the way down.

SLAY WITH ME! Well, you should know she’s been moved from the third Tuesday of the month, to the second Thursday. I love Rockbar! I love the people who work there. It’s a really amazing and super-welcoming atmosphere [manager] Jason has established there.What makes this show different from my Wednesday show is that SLAY WITH ME is an hour show that I host alone, and it focuses on LIVE music, and other live performers like myself. I love it because I get to perform more of my original music, and even get to do some acoustics!

I love it even more because every month I get to bring two special guests. Each month, a different pair of beauties who all create and perform original music! LIVE PERFORMERS–like myself–don’t have a lot of opportunities like this, and I get to spread the spotlight a little more for us. NYC has a shit ton of hidden gems when it comes to artists here!

Yes, give us all the gems! Give us a full rundown of where one can have the Jayse Vegas Experience this month.

  • Every Wednesday- Feels Like Vegas – Offside Tavern
  • Every second Thursday – SLAY WITH ME – Rockbar
  • Every second Sunday – Guest performer at FULL LENGTH LP – The Vault
  • Every third Thursday – Guest performer at TORCH – Macri Park
  • And a few special guest performances in between!

And I know that I’ll be seeing you at Pieces in July for a *tease* very special Thotyssey event! In closing: what do you want these children to be mindful of as they celebrate Pride this month?

Believing in yourself is the way to get others to believe. Loving yourself is how you keep that belief! Project only positive energy… but keep mace just in case.

Ha! Happy Pride, Jayse!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Jayse Vegas’ upcoming gigs, and follow him on FacebookInstagramYouTube, SpotifyiTunes and SoundCloud.

Also, check out Thotyssey’s in-house DJ Casa De Galindo’s remix of Jayse’s earlier single “Thunder.”

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