On Point With: Cory Alexander


[photo: Vegas Giovanni]

This high-fashion model, actor and musician bears a remarkable likeness to a cultural icon, but is an original multi-talented performer in his own right. And with an upcoming stage show on the way, we’ll be getting the first official taste of everything Cory Alexander has to offer.

Thotyssey: Cory, hello! How are you this evening?

Cory Alexander: Hey Jim, I’m doing wonderfully! How about yourself?

I’m great… I won a GLAM last night! It’s was an all around wonderful evening.

Congratulations! I would have been there, if I wasn’t so swamped getting ready for my show!


[photo: Courtney Charles]

This must be an exciting yet nerve-wracking time for you.

It’s very exciting, and a bit nerve-wracking too. I haven’t produced my own solo show since my senior year of college, so it’s been a minute since I’ve had to be this hands on with a show. But it’s very fun to have total creative control.

Where did you go to college… and was it theater you were studying?

I went to Syracuse University, where I got my BFA in Acting, not Musical Theater — which was shocking to most, including myself. It was a different road than I expected to be on. But it definitely led me in the right direction to be where I am now, with so many unique opportunities presenting themselves to me.

What would’ve been your dream role during that time you were in school?

Moritz in Spring Awakening, which my school actually did a production of. I was cast as Ernst, which wound up being an incredible role to play. I’ve always been drawn to darker, edgier material.


The first time I saw you was in a shared photo of you from The Ice Palace, on which   Michael Musto commented on your shocking resemblance to a young David Bowie. Is this something you’d always been told?

LOL I was shocked when someone finally tagged me in that photo to see the overwhelming amount of comments about my likeness to Bowie. It was pretty exciting, but not something uncommon to me. It’s a daily thing for me, being told I look like Bowie. Generally, I love it! People are always so nice, and almost star struck in a way, when they approach me.

Before you started performing tributes to him, were you very familiar with Bowie’s of work?

I absolutely loved Labyrinth as a kid, so that was my first introduction to the man. And growing up, I knew his most famous songs like “Heroes” and “Life on Mars.” But when I started performing as him, I was floored by his body of work. The range of styles and genres is truly remarkable. He stuck to what he was feeling at any given moment in his life, and I think that’s one of my favorite qualities about him.


[Photo: Courtney Charles]


You’ve modeled in Bowie-inspired shoots, and in 2018 you began doing a Bowie live stage revue, Rebel Rebel

I can’t lie, having his looks has definitely helped me book certain jobs, and I’m grateful for that.

What was doing Rebel Rebel like?

It’s a blast to perform! It’s a three man show; I co-star alongside Tim Young and Sam Given. We each cover a different portion of his life, which keep the show moving and fun for the audience.

And you must’ve been cast, like, immediately.

I had about three different friends send me a link to that audition (which I was already planning on attending) and when I walked in, I knew I had that job.

Amazing! What’s your favorite Bowie song to perform?

Definitely “Young Americans.” It involves so much emotion, and it’s the number that I really get to show my vocals off with as well.

And you recently showed up as a young Bowie clone getting chased all over town by Amanda Lepore in the video for her cover of “Jean Genie!” Such a fun clip!

I’ve been friends with Amanda for a few years now. I remember the first time I met her at Pretty Ugly, and she has always been so sweet and welcoming to me. So when she decided to do a cover of a Bowie song, I think it was a given that I would be her David Bowie. Working on the video was wonderful as well… [Video director] Marco Ovando is brilliant, and having Amanda Lepore chase you down the street is sure to turn some heads. Definitely a memorable experience.

How exactly did you start mixing it up with NYC’s nightlife people?

I moved to the city when I was 21, so naturally I was ready to party at that time in my life. And I guess if you look good and come around enough, you start to get noticed!

That would be the formula!

So this is very exciting: Thursday January 24th, you are bringing a solo cabaret to the legendary Feinsteins 54 Below. That’s huge! Tell us about how long you wanted to do this, and how you knew that now was the time.

Within the past year, I’ve had so many amazing opportunities present themselves to me and it all seemed to point directly to this. I’ve had this idea in my mind for over a year now, and I finally thought to myself, “just do it.” So I called, and they were happy to start working with me. They’ve been so supportive and helpful along the way, getting this thing together.

What’s the show gonna be like?

I’m singing a huge variety of songs — everything from Golden Age musical theater to contemporary pop and rock music. I wanted to do my best to keep it upbeat and uplifting. There’s nothing worse than a self-indulgent cabaret where they sing a bunch of slow, sad songs. This is going to be a GOOD! TIME!

My guest star Lila Coogan — who’s currently starring as the title role in the national tour of Anastasia — has the most breathtaking crystal clear voice. And I have a couple of other surprise guest stars as well who’ll be making appearances. Don’t wanna give everything away too soon!


We gag! And exactly one week before showtime, we will all get a free preview of what’s in store when you stop by Thotyssey’s party Thot Mess at ReBar this Thursday (the 17th) and perform a number from the set! Gilda Wabbit will be there, too! Will this be your first time performing at a bar party?

I’ve done my fair share of participating in the “game section” of a drag show. Somehow, I always get pulled on stage! But this will be my first live performance singing, yes. I’m very excited about it.

We can’t wait to have you! 


Anything else in store for you?

Tell everyone to keep their eyes peeled for the March edition of Vogue Paris!

Gasp! We definitely will! Okay, last question… what’s the world’s greatest trivia fact about Cory Alexander?

When I was five years old, my parents took me to see The Lion King on Broadway. And when Mufasa dies, everyone gasped… and then there was silence. And in the silence I exclaimed, “It’s okay everyone! He’s on a string!” as loud I possibly could with my little, squeaky voice. There was an uproarious laughter and the show continued.

Adorable from day one! Thank you, Cory!


Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Cory Alexander’s upcoming appearances, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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