On Point With: Antonio Cedeno


He’s one of NYC nightlife’s most tatted thirst traps, and from his early days as a gogo boy (well, “gogo man”) to his current ranking as a top promoter and host of parties across the city, Antonio Cedeno has always been the Male in the Room that you need to know.

Thotyssey: Hello Antonio, happy Almost Halloween! What’s you’re costume gonna be? I’m guessing, “Basically Naked.”

Antonio Cedeno: I am going to be a Thundercat!

Oh, werk! Lion-O?

Yes… my own version of it, hehe!

Kinky! In general though, you could be butt-ass naked and still look like you are fully clothed cuz you are so tatted… how many tattoos do you have, if you can even count them at this point?

i don’t even know!


Well at least you left all the best parts for last! So, where are you from?

Originally from Paterson, New Jersey, born and raised.

What was your introduction to nightlife?

I was a bartender at Feathers in River Edge, NJ for 15 years. They gave me the opportunity to express myself, and my vision of what a party should be like. I always took part in everything, so I also infused myself into the party as a gogo boy.

That’s commitment! Did you enjoy that?

Go-going was kind of a  dare, but then it turned into a four year career. Did I enjoy it? Absolutely! I started to gogo at a late age, so to me it was fun watching the younger gogos who looked up to me because they [were surprised] I had the moves!

Now that you are in the business of hiring gogo boys, you must have special insight in how to treat them and work with them.

Absolutely. I keep in mind which dancer fits where.


When did you start producing nightlife events of your own?

Exactly January 16th 2010 [… a White Party at Feathers with Cazwell performing].

They love White Parties in Jersey!

I think people like to dress up in general. It could work here… I might even give it a try it sometime.

As far as being a host / promoter this Halloween Weekend, you’ve got two events on Friday night alone! First up is GhostShip, a docked yacht party (although the boat does take a quick cruise for a bit) at Pier 40… and I later you’ll be at M.E.A.T, the popular circuit party at the Highline Ballroom!



You’ve also created a few weeklies and monthly events of your own at REBAR now, but MALE ROOM seems to be the one that has stuck. What makes this night so popular?

Male Room is a theme party. People love it… you never know what to expect because I take the time to decorate the bar so that it fits the theme. Like, this Saturday, we are going into space with the Aliens.


I kinda wanna get with that alien on the poster, is that weird?

No, I would.

And then on Halloween Proper Wednesday night, you’re gonna be hosting the Black Hat Society party at Bedlam! That should be fun!

Yes, it was the last time.


Busy week! Okay last question: what’s the best Halloween candy?

Oh tough one. Reese’s, lol!

You just like the salty, creamy center! Thanks, Antonio!


Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Antonio Cedeno’s upcoming events, and follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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