On Point With: Beardonna


The beariest Madonna impersonator in New York, Beardonna is bringing her signature character to Madonna Worship at Stonewall this weekend. Watch her on YouTube, catch her monthly show in Nyack, and read her exclusive interview right here!

Thotyssey: Hi Beardonna! Thanks for chatting! So, summer’s nearly over already… how has yours been?

Beardonna: Hi Jim! How are you? I can’t believe another summer is almost over! Time sure goes fast when you are having fun!

Yay! So we have to talk about your upcoming appearances and Madonna’s big day, but first let’s get to know you. Where are you from?

I started out as a young cub in Queens NY, and moved to Bergen County, NJ, when I was 13.


And you developed Beardonna after first trying out female superhero cosplay looks, right?

Yes. As a joke, for Halloween, I made costumes for my partner, our friend and myself. We were Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman, from the ‘60s & ’70’s, the way they would have looked in the 90’s: old, ,fat & hairy. We marched in the NYC Halloween parade, and we were a big hit!  Wonder Woman was the most popular, so I remade the costume and tried  it out at NY ComicCon… and it went over really well. Then I made a 60’s Batgirl costume, and that was popular.

I had always been in love with Madonna, so I figured I would try her–and people just went crazy! Because I am a bear and will not shave my beard and mustache, I use “BEAR” in the all the names: Wonder Wobear, Batbear, and of course, Beardonna.

To test “Beardonna “ out, I took a boom box with me and played “Vogue” and danced in Times Square. People started asking me where I was performing and I was like, “Duh?”  I was just dancing for fun, but a lot of people wanted to know where my show was, so I wrote some parodies and started performing.


Besides the songs themselves, you have a pretty wide collection of videos for the parodies on YouTube. Do you have a favorite?

I’ve done parodies of “Burning Up” (”WTF?”), “Music” (”Pubic”),  “Vogue” (”Throat”), “Living for Love” (”Slapped on the Glove”)…  and I have a video for “Papa Don’t Preach” (”My Belt Won’t Reach”) with Sherry Vine playing my mother, Bearmomma.  I have to say, I love them all..

I think the one I am most proud of  is “Shout to Cure AIDS”–which is not a parody, but I put my own words to the music of “Give It To Me” to be used as the theme song for the Research Foundation to Cure AIDS. I got to perform it on their float in last year’s NYC Pride Parade; that was an honor.

Are you always Beardonna at heart now, even when you’re doing other characters?

I try to base all my costumes on a look that Madge has had through her career, even if I am doing a parody of another artist. So, my costumes are “Inspired by” her. Most people who come to my show get the references. Especially anything with a cone bra. The big difference is, my cones squeek!

I take it you’ve seen the real Madonna live. 

Of course I’ve been to her concerts. Nothing better!

Do you think she knows about you? Maybe she stalks you on Insta!

I hope so! I once met someone who did some work for her, and they told me that she had seen me. Not sure in what capacity, but I would like to think that she has. I haven’t gotten any Cease And Desist letters yet, so I guess it’s okay!


So far, so good! Madge, of course, is turning 60 this week. Some people are questioning whether or not she can stay “current” and “relevant” in the years to come. What are your thoughts?

She is music royalty. She will always be relevant! People might not like her new music, but you can’t ignore her classics and what she has done for the music industry, as well as our culture and society.

Supposedly, Season 2 of Pose is gonna delve into “Vogue’s” effect on the ball scene.

That will be great!  I have some catching up to do with that show! I did have the pleasure of doing my “Vogue” parody for Shep Pettibone at Paradise in Asbury Park.

Well done! 


I understand that Stonewall’s DJ Chauncey Dandridge was present during your very first Beardonna performance.

Yes! I love Chauncey!  He was DJing for Will Clark’s Porno Bingo, and I was the, um, Talent! Lol! That was the night I gave Will Clark a framed pair of my use concert panties!

Since then, you’ve been performing every year for Chauncey’s long-running Madonna Worship party at Stonewall, which celebrates Madonna’s birthday and returns this Saturday for her 60th! I bet you’re gonna go all out this time!

I will premiering my new parody of “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.” It’s called “I Love a Big Dicked Latino.”

Madge is definitely gonna see that one! 


Besides this annual event, you’re busy with a monthly show up in Nyack called “All That Drag” at Maureen’s Jazz Cellar

I love that place, and love doing the show! The owners Dave Budman and his wife, Brianne, run a jazz club in Nyack, NY. They have more than just jazz–they also have an open mic night, Grateful Dead nights, and they were looking for some kind of monthly comedy show. They were leaning towards a drag theme. Well, it turns out that I graduated high school with Brianne’s sister, and she recommended me. We chatted, then met, and we instantly clicked.

The show has something for everyone. I host and do my parodies, as well as some comedy with the audience. We also have a burlesque performer, Jaella Carrerra; a serious singer, Autumn Hues; and then a different guest. I also play a game with the audience every month. They play for prizes, and we always have a lot of fun!

How does Beardonna go over with a Rockland County crowd?

The crowd in is a wonderful mix of everyone! Gay, straight, trans… everyone is welcome, and I’m happy to say that the crowd is getting bigger for every show!
At the end of the show, people are welcome to stay for Deageoke with DJ John Martin, and the fun continues!

You’re doing another Madonna birthday show for this month’s edition of “All That Drag” on August 29th. You’ll have a cute lineup of guests including Westchester’s  Rhoda Rollins Stone!

Yes! I love RoRo!  If you have not seen her perform, you are missing out. As well as Jazel Jazalien! These bitches are so talented!


Have fun with these gigs! Okay, final question: When Beardonna passes away at age 267… what Madonna look should she be buried in?

Lol! I say this to my friends all the time! When I go, I want to be laid out in my Gold cone bustier, head mic and pony tail. That’s my favorite Madge look! Then I want to be cremated so everyone can take a handful of ashes, put them out to their mouths and blow. I want my final blowjob to be with a group!

A class act til the end! Thanks, Beardonna!


Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Beardonna’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


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