On Point With: DiDi Disco


This fierce Brooklyn drag queen, DJ and pageant winner is now officially a daughter of Horrorchata, and she’s here to slay. Oh, and pretty soon, she’ll be taking her fierceness on a field trip across the country! Thotyssey twirls with DiDi Disco on the eve of her birthday week.

Thotyssey: Didi, hello! Thanks for talking to us today! So OMG, how was Be Cute, the monthly party at Brooklyn’s Littlefield? I can’t believe I haven’t made it out to that one yet.

DiDi Disco: It was sizzling!  Sooooo busy for a winter night! Last night there was a little theme going on at Be Cute: “Take Your Daughters to Work Day”.. so


brought [her drag daughter] Miss Kelsey Dagger to the stage and Horrorchata brought me to perform.

Hannah Lou

(my sis) was also there DJing.

A family affair! What do you enjoy doing more these days, performing or DJing?

Ha, that’s a good question! From my track record one may think DJing, but I do prefer performing much more. One of my New Years resolutions is to get on stage more, and give shows more frequently. I’ve been DJing for the last few months, and get a lot of joy from that as well. This Wednesday I’m celebrating my birthday, and will be both performing AND DJing.


We’ll talk about Wednesday in a bit, cuz that’s gonna be an epic night! But first we better go back to the beginning. Where’s your hometown, and how did performing and the arts evolve into a Thing for you?

I am a New York baby… born at Saint Vincent’s and raised in Yorktown Heights, about 45 minutes north of the city. I grew up in dance classes and musical theater, and then drifted into fashion studies and documentary photography in my late teenage years. At 22 when I started to do drag, it just made sense. It combined rhythm, improv, fashion and comedy together so seamlessly. I never saw it coming, but when the glove fit I knew I’d never be the same. *dramatic sound effect*

What were the circumstances of you starting drag, exactly?

I started playing with wigs and makeup early on, but wouldn’t necessarily call it drag. I started working with Bushwig the summer of 2016 doing publicity and communications work, and the floodgates opened. That summer, about two months before Bushwig, Hannah Lou put me in full drag for a Bushwig warmup party. She created a monster that night, we always say. My first time performing was at Bushwig that year, and I’ve been going at it ever since.


That’s quite a debut! How did Mother Chata take you under her wing? 

I was just around her and Hannah a lot—going to events and getting in drag with them. Around this time last year I was preparing to compete in the Miss FIT Drag competition. I was asking Chata a lot of questions and building ideas with her. She was as determined for me to get the crown as I was. 

The months before that competition, I was sort of “on trial,” you could say… I was the other girl bopping around with Chata and Hannah. So after I won the title and crown, she said that Mama was proud, and it became officially sealed then. Hannah was no longer an only child and she still struggles with that. Hahaha, just kidding!

And did she encourage you to pursue lots of drag DJing gigs in your own career? That’s the family brand!

This past summer Chata, Hannah Lou and


started showing me how to DJ. It took time for me to get the hang of it… but yes, we are a special drag family serving looks, shows,  beatz and love.


There are so many new, young queens in Brooklyn today, and they’re a very different animal than the previous generation. Do you see that?

Oh, of course. Anyone who knows a good history of drag, especially in New York, should be able to see the progression. Drag, like all art forms, adapts and evolves–and that’s not to say what the new girls today are doing has never been seen before, or is 100% original or better than what’s come before them.

A lot of the shows we see in Brooklyn go for shock value, or a concept / big idea, as opposed to a song and dance safety-in-numbers routine. The idea of drag and gender, I think, has–and continues to be–pulled apart and redefined by much more than stoned fishnets and gigantic wigs, and I think today that’s most apparent here in Brooklyn.

Definitely! By the way, you have such a cute, musical drag name. Did it just come to you quickly, or is there s story behind it?

Well, it was originally Dee DeeSco. It was said as if a German woman said “the disco”… dee deeSco. It didn’t really stick very well; no one could consistently pronounce or spell it properly. When people asked me my name, it inevitably became a long conversation explaining to people: “Dee Deesco, as if a German woman said the disco…” Finally, Horrorchata said “No honey, you’re just Didi Disco.” And so I contacted the department of records, and that was that.


How would you describe a DiDi performance to the uninitiated? 

DiDi is SO extra… she’s a production queen. She loves a good mix made in GarageBand. She avoids fade-outs, a drag queen’s worst nightmare. A number may involve a projection, props, confetti, a costume reveal, and a dance routine that’s rather spastic but tightly wound. Mixes will usually have a pop song, a random throwback, some spoken word, sound effects, and a lot of glitch sounds. She might make you laugh, or just make you wonder how much cocaine she did before hitting the stage. But you’ll gag when you find out she’s been sober her entire drag career. She’s the Redbull queen, she needs those wings.

For Miss FIT, I staged my own woman’s march. For Halloween, I castrated a man to Britney’s “Autumn Goodbye. Recently I did “Circus” by Britney where a clown pulled balloons out of their vagina and blew them up to impress me, the Ringleader. My favorite number is "I’m Blue,”  which I did at Bushwig this past year.

So nowadays, you’re part of he Wednesday party CAKES at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Bar on Wednesday nights, with Horrorchata, Hannah and pop-up guest performers. Plus ass contests! Who doesn’t enjoy a good ass contest? Is this an exceptionally fun night for you?

Oh yes! I loooooove Wednesday nights with the fam, and some big beautiful booty! Having guest performers rolling in each week is nice too, because we get to see so many different queens give us a moment.

This week’s edition is gonna be particularly special: it’s your birthday! In celebration, CAKES alum

Untitled Queen

is returning for the week to be all witchy and amazing! Are you prepared for the shenanigans?

Thank you! Yes, we are beyond excited… we also have Berlin-based queen Gieza Poke, and our new weekly performer Devo Monique on stage with Untitled and I.

Lucy Balls

and Ickarus are hosting, as well as the family DJing throughout the night. I have a special thing or two prepared that I’m excited to share!


That’s the ticket! And you’ll be making an appearance this Friday as well in Brooklyn, for the Rosemont’s weekly party “Bitch Nasty.”

I love performing at The Rosemont, and I especially love Bitch Nasty! It’s one of those parties I think that really helped grow the Rosemont to where it’s at now:[Hosts / DJs] Hannah and Ickarus had Bitch Nasty on Fridays and “Tanlines” on Saturdays during the summer. There’s always something going on there (”Fake Nudes,” “Oops,”  “Meshy Karaoke,” “Sad Songs,” “It’s My Party,” etc. etc. etc.)

I’ve heard that you’re the resident drag bartender at Casa Diva, aka the house parties of Ms. Charlene. Those must get wild.

What happens at Casa Diva stays at Casa Diva! But there’s nothing like it! I believe the next event is in March… to be confirmed!

And we should talk about Horrorchata’s Bushwig brand for a bit, because I understand some things are happening soon. First off, the Bushwig Family is going on the road.

Yes! We are returning to LA in February. Some other cities coming up in the Spring, but can’t reveal anything quite yet. 


Then, you’ll all be at the Brooklyn Museum in March. Will you actually be performing there?

A handful of shows! Bushwig is collaborating with them on the opening of the David Bowie Exhibition!

Lots to look forward to! Okay, last question: who’s winning All Stars 3?

I think I know some hot tea that I don’t wanna spill…  but it’s gonna be a cute season!

I’ll drink to that tea! Thanks, Didi!


Didi Disco co-hosts CAKES at Metropolitan Bar on Wednesdays (10pm). Check Thotyssey’s calendar for all scheduled gigs, and follow DiDi on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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