On Point With: Eve Unbreakable Black


Representing the Socialites, a newly-reformed urban party collective, Eve Unbreakable Black will be a key performer at Queens Pride this weekend. She is fully recovered from a long illness, and is ready to return to nightlife! Eve breaks it all down in this brief chat with Thotyssey.

Thotyssey: Hi Eve! Thanks for talking to us. It looks like the Socialites are gonna have a large presence during Queens Pride this week, are you in super-busy mode right now?

Eve Unbreakable Black: Just a little, but I always make time to interact.

Great, thanks! Where where are you from?

I’m from Rochester, New York.

When and why did you come to NYC?

I moved to New York City in 2010 to love life. Meaning, to be free, to be who I am, and the entertainment life of being a drag performer.

Did you start performing as Eve in Rochester?

I started performing as Eve Black in Rocheste,r New York, at this club called Muther’s.

And you didn’t feel like Rochester was getting you?

Well, in Rochester they were feeling it, but I felt I needed to move forth with my drag career, and get known more out of [that city]. So, I had my mind set to move to NYC to make my name bigger than it was in Rochester.


So what was your first gig in NYC?

My first gig in NYC was Diva Search at Escuelitas.

You performed a lot of times at Escuelitas over the years, right? That was such a great and unique venue.

Yes, it was.

Did you know Harmonica Sunbeam and Sugga Pi Koko well? They were frequent performers there as well.


The first time I saw you perform was at the old Boots & Saddle, about three years ago. I think it was for Ivana Black’s Tuesday weekly competition! It was you and Samore Love. Do you remember that at all?

Yes. I did Tina Turner.


So, tell me about the Socialites. Who are they exactly, and when did you join them?

Well, the Socialites are a group in the nightlife scene who host parties and events. I joined the group back in May of 2015. I showed up for their Turn Up Thursday at Castro with my number set, and turned it out. And then from there, I started being part of the group.

And [Socialite members] Julius and Romeyo helped to keep me in the scene. [They were] giving me ideas and talking about different outlooks and different things.



How would you describe their scene? And how long had they been around, do you know?

Their scene is very urban, partying and having a good time. I’m not for sure how long they’ve been in the scene, but you know it’s been a minute.

Among other things, the Socialites used to co-host GLOW at G-Lounge, as well as a Friday rooftop happy hour at the Indigo Hotel

Yes. [That was during a] period of my life when I needed time off for healing. I heard and saw nothing but good reviews.

Why do you need time to heal, if you don’t mind me asking?

Damaged kidneys.

Oh damn! How are you feeling today?

Great! Like the old Eve.


That’s wonderful. So, during that time of your healing, or afterward, did the Socialites break up?

No. Things happened in some [of their lives] where some needed to take a little break. But now we’re back together, better and stronger than ever.

And now you’re back to hosting parties! What made you decide to start with Queens Pride?

Because it’s the first pride kick-off, and last year I had a blast. So [this year] I hit up DJ Eddie Cruz and asked him to [get in touch with his] team at Club Evolution [and see if there was] any more space available. And the owner of Evolution told him, “Sure!”

I see that two nights before the day of the Pride parade, the Socialites are hosting at the Amadeus Nightclub for a Queens Pride Kickoff party

on Friday, June 3rd. Jessica Fox & Laritza DuMont will also host. What can we expect from that night?

Fun and great vibes, and a great time.


Then the following night, the Socialites are hosting a happy hour at 5th & Mad, right?

An evening party hosted by the Socialites. It’s free until 6pm, and Romeyo Majawlic is MC on the mic.


And then, you guys will be at Evolution for the parade on the 5th. Who else is in the Socialites now? Romeyo Majawlic, Cash Christopher, Michelle La Fontaine, who is hosting on the main stage. She will be with the other Socialites and Crystal Waters, the headline performer this year for Queens Pride. Julius and Mello and Vance will be capturing pictures.

That’s so cool that Crystal Waters is gonna perform at Queens Pride! And where will you be?

I will be performing on [the Club Evolution stage], along with a lot of amazing performers new and legendary.

In the future, do you know if the Socialites have any new parties to look out for?

Well, there is NYC Pride, and Brooklyn Pride, and Harlem and Bronx and Long Island and Fire Island, so I’m sure in the following months you will see posts. Right now, the focus is Queens Pride. We’re giving you guys a great party, and great performances from two performers: Michelle La Fontaine and me, Eve Unbreakable Black. This is my comeback performance to the drag stage and public eye.


Ok great. So last question: you’ve played with a few variations of your name in the past, but why are you now Unbreakable?

Listening to Janet Jackson’s new album–from BURNITUP! to Dammn Baby to Lessons Learned and  the main track Unbreakable–made me say, Hmmmm. It seems like she wrote my life on the album.

I am unbreakable because there was a time period when a lot of people doubted me, and said I wouldn’t be performing [again]. And the doctors said I wouldn’t have a chance. And at that point I wanted to give up. But I remembered the promise I made to my brother at my mom’s funeral: that I would be the best damn performer I could be, and never to give up. When folks sleep on you, show them you are that one.

Great! That’s very inspiring, thank you so much!


The Socialites will be hosting a Queens Pride Kickoff part at Amadeus Nightclub in Elmhurst, Queens on June 3rd, and a happy hour party at 5th & Mad in Manhattan on June 4th. On June 5th, Eve Unbreakable Black will be performing at Club Evolution for Queens Pride. Eve can be followed on Facebook.

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