Podcast: Cherry Poppins Serves New Bingo, New Music… and a New Venue?


Thotyssey’s Jim Silvestri and co-host Freddie Cosmo present a weekly podcast taped live at Red NY discussing NYC queer nightlife news and gossip, featuring a new interview with a dynamic insider each week.

Freddie & Jim chat Red Eye business, cats & dogs, Dragnet and slutiness.

Then, let’s meet Cherry Poppins! Discussed: her drag journey, name similarities with other queens, gigs old and new, music projects, pageantry, that crazy drag ban, and… Cherry’s Bar & Grill??

In the news: the queer-friendly “Crawl for All” trumped St. Patrick’s Day in Staten Island; the Proud Boys tried it at a local Drag Story Hour; a Long Island influencer gives props to Androgyny’s popular LI drag brunch despite some local anti-drag sentiment; a “fisting exhibition” at Club Lambda causes shock & awe; Frankie Sharp hints at a new venue; a rehabbed Wendy Williams is seen at Townhouse.

Email: thotyssey@gmail.com


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