Podcast: Miz Jade is The Queen of Shade (But Nice)!


Jim & Freddie recount their Chaotic Tuesday and other adventures of the week, including a visit to Bartschland!

Then, in the Thot Seat: iconic Brooklyn dancing queen, Miz Jade!  She discusses her thot connections with Jim, Brooklyn drag versus Manhattan  drag, her own history with drag and dance, coming up as a Purchase queen, some real T re: bar politics and the current state of drag, the politicizing  of Drag Story Hour, the loss of her longtime DJ collaborator, and an exciting new stage show she’s producing this month!

In the news: Tennessee bans “public drag”; the Q Club shooter had been there a number of times before the attack; Meatball does George Santos drag at Nightgowns; is Pieces-loving Sam Smith a bad tipper?; a girl scout makes mad coin with Gay WeHo cookie sales.

Email: thotyssey@gmail.com


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