Podcast: Dallas DuBois is Back With a Vengeance!


Freddie and Jim relay their past week with tales of Tina Burner, illness, VERS, The Bad Judies, Red Eye and Angela Bassett doing the thing.

Then in the Thot Seat and back from the dead: iconic NYC queen Dallas DuBois! She tells us about her recent sneak attack win of the Fire Island Entertainer of the Year; her notorious drag beginnings and endings, and the reason for her rebirth; Drag Race prospects; and a new gig!

In the news: the Nightlife Mayor steps down; a new local Pride flag  arsonist is arrested; a new Miss Paradise is crowned; a Drag Race covergirl milestone; a new unscripted ball scene miniseries is in development; Bootsie LeFaris and Countess Luann have some unfortunate fan interactions.

Email: thotyssey@gmail.com


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