Podcast: Tea with Tym & Wendy


Freddie is out, so producer Daniel Nardicio returns to the co-host chair and joins Thotyssey’s Jim in a review of last week’s GLAM Awards (spoiler alert: we lost) as well as an update on Red Eye (by the way, they keep talking about a new nearby “cheesecake” place, but it turns out that it was a new cheeseSTEAK place). Then Wendy Stuart Kaplan and Tym Moss, the hosts of livestream chat show “If These Walls Can Talk” which Jim had just returned from being a guest on! They all have GLAM observations re: the amazing performances, Jim and Thotyssey’s name drop in host Jackie Cox’s opening number, the expectations from Daniel’s award presentation and a past GLAM onstage joke of his that went awry, the return of drag legend Rollarina, who was clapped for (and who wasn’t), what the “Mayor of Nightlife” Ariel Palitz (of the Dept. of Nightlife) thought of the show, etc.

Then it’s time to go in-depth with Tym and Wendy! Tym has a startling and incredibly moving story about emerging from drug addiction and an unhappy career to literally remember that he was truly an entertainer and went on to star in some great indie films, and Wendy’s colorful life that includes partying at Studio 54 and meeting Andy Warhol and Madonna, as well as filming documentaries around the world. The two recall (-ish) how they met, and how “If These Walls Can Talk” started during the pandemic and now airs on a TV network!

In the news: a strange update on the missing law student whose phone was found at the Q; a way that nightlifers can get their taxes done for free; RIP beloved nightlife DJ and promoter King Ralphy; Identity Bar in the Bronx has closed; a new Continental prelim queen has been crowned.


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