Podcast: Who Would Hairspray’s Michelle Dowdy Push Down a Well?

Jim and Freddie are back, with an update on Red Eye Radio and where they’re recording the pod now. Also, Jim has major personal news: he’s a millennial!? He and Freddie lament that Southwest cancelled their chance to chat with the legendary Jimmy James, who was supposed to perform at Red Eye last week.

Enter another legendary guest: Broadway and nightlife’s Michelle Dowdy (aka Freddie’s co-worker)! The delightful Michelle shares details about her fascinating audition for and memorable run as Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray: The Musical… she was only 18 when that happened! Michelle also discusses her current weekly show at The Spot, her time at The Q, the highs and lows of musical theater life pre- and post-Covid, backstage tea, being born a Dallas Ham, Snow Day versus Snow Dogs, working with Ben Cameron & Marti Cummings, and who she might anecdotally push down a well. 

In the news: social media drag queens react to being told they need to wear nails; arrests were made in relation to NYC’s roofie spree; NY Councilman Eric Bottcher’s home and office are violated by Right Wingers; a Canada Versus the World winner is crowned; more deets on Drag Race Season 15; The Eagle paella meme takes a new turn for a good cause.

The hosts also deliver their Thot Dates Top 10 and make GLAM predictions on Photographer, Dance Performer & DJ.

Email: thotlight@redeyeny.com (?)


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