Podcast: Sexy Michael Miguel Gives You Everything You Want in GOGO

Week Two for Freddie and Jim’s live podcasting on the Red Eye stage, and there’s a reckoning of all the craziness happening around them… including nude model Serg Shepard posing right in front of the pod booth! They also discuss Jim’s recent Gay Indie acting debut, Freddie spinning at the Monster and the already infamous Eagle NYC paella meme.

Then it’s time to talk to the endlessly sexy and charming Colombian and Puerto Rican Michael Miguel, a former Atlas Social Club bartender who just so happens to be a rising star in both music and TV.  Michael discusses his Flushing Jehovah’s Witness roots, his recent move to LA, dealings with J Balvin and performing Miami Pride opening for Paulina Rubio, doing Footloose pre-pandemic, an early song of his that’s about to appear in a new film, having Boomer Banks shove hot dogs down his throat, shooting his newest video in the DR… and a very hot new show on HERE TV (recently bought by Logo) called GOGO,  a sexy campy murder mystery where star Michael brings gogo magic to our screens! He gives us some backstage tea, and shares what it’s like to bare it all (?) on camera. Also, there’s even more amazing stuff coming up for Miguel.

In the news: Dragula: Titan’s winner; Rosé is coming to Off-Broadway; a French LGBTQ bar is “sieged” by a mob during the World Cup; a queer bar in Long Island closes; the rise of the classy piano bar scene in NYC;  RIP Mean Girls on Broadway star Stephanie Bissonnette and ex-NYC queen Tilli Screams; the GLAM Awards live performers are announced, and Jim & Freddie have questions & concerns while also making predictions about categories Breakthrough ArtistBartender & Drag King.

Check out Thotyssey.com for more nightlife info.

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Michael Miguel performs in a fundraiser showcase & silent auction for Regarding Veronica, the indie film featuring his song, at 1239 Broadway on January 30th (7pm).  To attend, RSVP regardingveronica@gmail.com.

Email us at thotlight@redeyeny.com


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