Bar Babe of the Month: Cesar at Pieces & Playhouse

Actor, photographer, and GLAM-nominated Bar Babe with the best “hair reveal” game in town, Cesar “The Pleaser!”

Bar(s) that I work at: Playhouse and Pieces

How long I’ve worked there: about a year and a half!

What are my shifts: Wednesday/Saturday nights at Pieces, and Sunday/Monday nights at Playhouse.

What makes these bar great: Both bars have some of the best drag queens in NYC, not to mention cute bartenders 😉

Best drink I make: I make a damn good Manhattan, but I’d say at least 50% of the drinks I make are vodka sodas.

I love it when customers: I love when a guest introduces themselves to me and asks me for my name. It’s a small way to make your bartender or server feel seen and appreciated.

I hate it when customers: My biggest pet peeve is when someone aggressively waves me down while I’m in the middle of making drinks, and when I finally get over there they have no idea what drinks they want….don’t be that person.

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: some girl threw up all over the bar, floor, and me, and then I watched someone slip in it and fall into the puddle of throw up.

Other places I’ve worked: I made my start in NY nightlife at 18 years old as a gogo dancer at The Toolbox on the UES. Soon afterward I started working in restaurants. My first was as a host at PJ Clarke’s, then moved on to 5-6 other restaurants/bars. I slowly worked my way to busser, then runner, barback, bartender, manager etc. ’til I ended up bartending here!

My hometown: Queens, NY baby!

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: I was an actor professionally for 10 years, I’m a photographer and I really enjoy backpacking and hiking.

Single or Taken: I’m single and definitely ready to mingle. Getting to flirt with so many sexy people while bartending is definitely one of the biggest perks of the job.

Who/what turns me on: Nothing is sexier to me than confidence, and matching my energy. Being funny is definitely a must, and of course proper hygiene. I’m typically attracted to Latinos and Dominicans, but I’m into everyone 😉

Favorite music: I love me some Beyoncé or some Elton John. I also love to wind down after work with some Sara Barelis.

Favorite movie or TV show: My favorite movie is a toss up between Shutter Island and Interstellar. Favorite show is either Breaking Bad or Daredevil.

Favorite drag queen: Bob the Drag Queen

My drag name would be: not really sure yet, but for now it’s Aisha Pay.

Favorite gogo boy: My love Jonah Mayor!

Favorite DJ: DJ  Skittlez

Other stuff you need to know about me: My dream is to travel the world full time and visit over 100 countries!

Follow me on: Instagram (here and here)

Tip me at: Venmo @cesar-razza

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