Stream Podcast Ep. 7 with Yuhua Hamasaki Now!

In this week’s episode of ThotLight, Thotyssey and Red Eye Radio’s weekly reckoning of NYC nightlife biz and jizz:

Another week of nightlife gossip and general thottery with Thotyssey’s Jim & Redefine Radio’s Freddie! Today we discuss the changing seasons, stink fetishes, Hocus Pocus 2, their girls’ night on Christopher St, Freddie’s upcoming DJ gig and a review of Jack Tracy’s show. In the news: the “close monitoring” of Motel 23’s notorious owner, the new Mr. Eagle, We’re Here comes to Jersey, a special night for A Strange Loop, Lena Dunham’s gay corpse and the GLAMs!

We also have a massive chatstorm with our local legendary sis Yuhua Hamasaki, star of RuPaul’s Drag Race S10, YouTube fashion review Bootleg Opinions, and Pieces Bar’s “Trading Spaces” (not to mention appearances in SNLBlue BloodsAnd Just Like That and a starring role in an upcoming indie — all of which we dish about). Jim gushes over her superior viewing party hosting abilities while recounting the funny moment he learned she was on Drag Race, and Yuhua sprinkle tea leaves re: some Drag Race backstage business, memories of being an OG Boots & Saddle gal, some surprising Bootleg feedback, her review of Bros, Katy Perry issues, racism in the scene and her advice for newbie queens!

Plus at the end: an announcement of an announcement! Which makes this an announcement of an announcement of an announcement!

Stream here:


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