Bar Babe of the Month: Omar at Barracuda

Dancer, choreographer, manager, “chillest” babe: Omar!

Bar(s) that I work at: Hello everyone, I’m Omar Emilio and I’m currently working at the one and only Barracuda Lounge as a bartender and manager.

How long I’ve worked there: I’ve been working at Barracuda for 10 months now. The bar opened later [post-Covid] than other bars in the city, but we managed to open for Pride 2021 and have been running since. We recently celebrated our 25th Anniversary in the fall.

What are my shifts: The better question is when am I not working? You can find me behind the bar 5 nights a week; will randomly work a Happy Hour, but that’s not my virtue. Catch me Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, and Sun nights at 10pm! Hope to see you there!

What makes this bar great: Barracuda Lounge has a huge history. Many well-known queens have started their careers here and had many celebrity sightings and visits. Barracuda was the first gay bar in the city to have variety shows. It still lives up to its history. Before Covid and being employed, I would frequent the bar on Sunday nights with the best friends to see the one and only Pixie Aventura. I loved coming to see the show, and enjoyed the dive bar vibes and how friendly the staff always was. It was always a great time meeting friends there after a long weekend of work. I believe in having fun, and I can’t stress enough to my staff and newbies: as long as you’re doing your job right, have all the fun. And because of that, it’s what makes this space welcoming and have returning customers weekly. Shout out to all the regulars both from happy hour and the night shift!

Best drink I make: LOL this is a dive bar, I make a pretty gnarly Gay Water… But I come from working at a bar in Chicago, and know over 100 different martinis and cocktails on the menu. If you really want me to spruce something up, I can work with what I have on the shelves.

I love it when customers: actually take the time to respond to my question, “How are you?” It throws them off. Then a conversation sparks… after all, you want them to come back to the bar and tip you well, why not be human and be nice?

I hate it when customers: Wave their hand in my face to get my attention while I’m making drinks. Nope, SECURRITYY!! Jk, I’m not mean… you’ll just have to wait for your turn longer.

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: I’ve been lucky enough by the Bar Gods to not experience something wild. But If I have to answer, I think the most crazy thing I’ve seen was some girl pretending to be with different groups of people and ordering drinks on their tabs. She fooled me the first time because the people didn’t notice, so I assumed they were all friends. She then came back and stood next to a different group and said, “I’ll have this and this on their tab.” I quickly stopped what I was doing, questioned and confronted her in front of everyone in that group; she was shaking in her boots. I grabbed security and kicked her out so quickly. I just couldn’t believe she was doing that. The best (not really) part was she didn’t even drink the first drink she had on the first order; she had left it on the bar before her second try. I was so confused as to what her motive was. Girl, Bye!

Other places I’ve worked: For 3 years I worked at El Centro/Cantina in Hell’s Kitchen as server and bartender. I dabbled at Hardware and Pieces for a couple months before leaving for tours.

My hometown: Born in Joliet, Illinois, but Blue Island, Illinois is my hometown. ‘Sup, Fam!? Later moved to the Northside of Chicago (Lakeview East) for college and post-grad life.

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: When I’m not at work, I love to ride around the city on a Citibike, Hit the gym, try new restaurants, dancing and hanging out with friends. You can find me busy doing all the self-tape submissions. Also sleep… where’s my sleeping mask?

Single or Taken: Single and Mingling: A Musical

Who/what turns me on: A big turn on is when we can easily converse without trying and joking about anything. I’m probably one of the chillest people–I go with the flow, and don’t take things too serious. So, give me a good laugh until my abs start hurting. Also, Maluma is my husband, so everyone needs to back off already… he doesn’t want you.

Favorite music: I like all kinds of music; if you look at my Spotify, my Daily Mixes are all over the place. From FKA Twigs, to Adele, to Whitney Houston, Sean Paul, Janet Jackson, James Blake, Rihanna, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Little Mix, Bad Bunny, Chloe X Halle, even classical and power ballads. However, my favorite genre is Deep House, love a good beat! You need anyone to press play at your house party? I got you!

Favorite movie or TV show: My all time favorite movie(s) is The Matrix Trilogy, especially The Matrix: Reloaded, so much action and thrill in it. The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, and Titanic are my other all time favorites; don’t be mad if you watch these movies with me and I’m saying each and every line. I’m off book, lol! When it comes to TV, I hardly watch it… but give me a good reality tv show. Give me the drama!

Favorite drag queen: Oooo, see, this is hard because I don’t want anyone to be mad for not choosing them, but I’m going to say Bob the Drag Queen. Bob and I worked together for many years now, doing shows and traveling the world on the tours. Like I said, I love a good laugh and that’s all I do when I’m with Bob. Pixie Aventura is right up there though–we go way back to when I first moved to NYC, six years ago. She truly helped me get into the dance community in this city, and we always supported each other. Performing with her is my favorite because of the energy she always gives. You can feel it across the room and into the world. There’s no one other like thee Pixie Aventura. Love you both, and love every other queen I’ve ever worked with here in NYC! So much respect for their hard work and entertainment throughout the years. You know who you all are.

My drag name would be: QUEEN SEÑERA; sticking to my Mexican roots and tradition.

Favorite gogo boy: You know, I hardly know any gogo boys. The only person I can think of is Jeremy Ward, but he’s not just a gogo–he’s truly a phenomenal dancer/performer, and a strong athlete! And sexy! Did I mention how sexy he is? I always love working with him on gigs.

Favorite DJ: Working in nightlife I get to meet a lot of people, but the best and most important people are the DJs. I’ve worked with many, but right now my favorite is DJ Xavier Mazara. He truly knows how to start a party with the best songs to dance to. And his range of music selections are out of this world. I remember one Sunday night at Barracuda, after Pixie’s show, he had me dancing behind the bar all night during his set. And because of that all my customers got up and started dancing with me. It was a party! Kudos and props to DJ Xavier, he knows what he’s doing and what the people want. You can find him playing all over the city, but he’s with us at Barracuda on Sunday and Wednesday nights! Come dance!

Other stuff you need to know about me: How about you come visit me on my nights and we can get to know each other better.

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Tip me at: Venmo @OmarEmilio92 It’s my birthday April 19!

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