Bar Babe of the Month: Joe at Atlas Social Club

He’s got the makeup skills to be the hideous monster from your nightmares, but most of the time Joe is the Bar Babe if your dreams!

Bar(s) that I work at:  Atlas Social Club

How long I’ve worked there: I started in March 

What are my shifts: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

What makes this bar great: It’s easy, quaint, drinks are strong and cheap, and it’s a really tight group of regulars; it’s basically the show Cheers, but queer. Plus everyone has access to the jukebox, so music is always great and different: sometimes it’s 80s new wave, sometimes it’s modern pop–depends on who’s hanging out. 

Best drink I make: I like to get creative… so different martinis, french kiss, flavored cosmos… I’ll literally run next door and grab coffee if a customer wants an espresso martini. 

I love it when customers: Buy shots for everyone at the bar. It brings everyone together, and also doesn’t hurt the check average. 

I hate it when customers: argue with me when they’re drunk and I’m dead sober. “Yes I’m 100 percent sure I gave you your card back, check your pockets, babe.”

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: I can’t say anything out of the ordinary at Atlas. But my family owned a bar growing up, and we found a headless body in the horseshoe pit after a Saturday night. After that, loud and drunk seems pretty tame. 

Other places I’ve worked: I was at Therapy for seven years; sadly, it shuttered down during the pandemic. 

My hometown: Miller Place, Long Island

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: if I’m not at the gym or dance class, I’m home either drawing, or painting my face into something hideous. I’m sort of a homebody   

Single or Taken: Taken

Who/what turns me on: I’m an old school romantic; I like a sweet heart and a diamond in the rough. I like someone who knows how to be humble. Physically? I’m a butt guy, and a sucker for an accent. 

Favorite music: alt rock–I never left the 90s

Favorite movie or TV show: Beetlejuice and The Adventures of Pete and Pete

Favorite drag queen: Pixie Aventura was the first queen I ever saw perform, and my jaw dropped–she’s so talented. Plus, I got to be a creepy old man in her music video. I also love Holly Box-Springs because she’s so genuine, sweet and supportive… which the world needs more of. 

My drag name would be: Gina Buttafucco–tap into my Italian Long Island roots.

Favorite gogo boy: Richard JMV 

Favorite DJ: Eugene Edo

Other stuff you need to know about me:  I’m a dancer, makeup artist, illustrator and horror movie junkie, and I have a really twisted, dark sense of humor. 

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