Bar Babe of the Month: Dean at Albatross

Astoria’s Captain of Kink is also your very sexy September Bar Babe!

Bar that I work at: Albatross Bar

How long I’ve worked there: 1 year

What are my shifts: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday

What makes this bar great: This bar gives you a little bit of everything. Every night has a different event : bingo, drag, drink and draw and so much more. It’s a great neighborhood bar that has really become a fantastic destination bar as well!

Best drink I make: I make a pretty mean cosmo

I love it when customers: have a great story to share with me

I hate it when customers: don’t tip (which thankfully rarely happens)

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: someone getting head sitting at the bar, haha!

Other places I’ve worked: Therapy Bar, Cherry’s on the Bay, Treasure Island Media

My hometown: New Orleans

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: love fitness, modeling for some amazing artists, supporting other friends of mine at their respective bars, porn

Single or Taken: Taken

Who/what turns me on: I’m pretty kinky. I honestly don’t have a type. I’m turned on by someone who is really comfortable in their skin and who isn’t afraid to show me their dirty side

Favorite music: Bubblegum Pop

Favorite movie or TV show: Bob’s Burgers

Favorite drag queen: this is a tough. I have a ton I love but I really enjoy working with Audrey Phoenix. She is an amazing drag queen.

My drag name would be: Sara Tonin

Favorite gogo boy: Vinny Vega

Favorite DJ: another tough one. I love a lot of DJs, but I have had the opportunity to work with DJ Gingy and love him.

Other stuff you need to know about me: I produce a monthly event at Albatross Bar called “Leather and Lace.” It’s a leather night that highlights a different kink each month. Last month we showcased Pup Play, and this month is The Hanky Code!

Follow me on: Instagram

Tip me at: venmo @DeanDanteNYC

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