Bar Babe of the Month: Moe at Headroom Lounge

Formerly of the EV’s much missed Karma Lounge, sexy mixologist Maurice is now pouring at Jersey City’s newest drag hotspot!

Bar that I work at: Headroom Lounge

How long I’ve worked there: I bartended there since they opened November 28, 2020

What are my shifts:  Usually work Thursday- Sunday but the shifts change every week.

What makes this bar great: Headroom is a hidden gem in Jersey City. Not only do we have a huge venue with a stage for performances, but we also have an awesome front bar with two projector screens where we can show sports, play video games and other entertainment.

Best drink I make: I’m a Mixologist; I can make you anything! I can make a mean strawberry fields. Just tell me what you like, baby 😉 

I love it when customers: Have a great time, and come back just to see me. 

I hate it when customers: don’t tip. Especially if I gave you awesome service. 

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: We opened during COVID, so nothing too crazy happened yet.

Other places I’ve worked: I worked as a manager at Karma Lounge in the East Village for five years. Unfortunately they closed down due to COVID.

My hometown: Jersey city , NJ

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: I love to cook, travel and shop.

Single or Taken: single 

Who/what turns me on: the British accent turns me on, lol. And I loveeee southern boys, haha!

Favorite music: I love 80’s music 

Favorite movie or TV show: Disney movies… my fav is The Lion King 🙂

Favorite drag queen: Anida Tension

My drag name would be: Mo Monay 

Favorite gogo boy: Tornado 

Favorite DJ: Sammii Blendz 

Other stuff you need to know about me: I’m a cool dude! I get along with everyone. Very good at what I do. I’m a perfectionist! I want everything I do to be done right. I’m a Capricorn. I’m Puerto Rican and African American. I’m bilingual (Spanish) I’m a tall glass of chocolate milk (6’4″) haha. 

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3 thoughts on “Bar Babe of the Month: Moe at Headroom Lounge

  1. My favorite bartender!! Aside from being one of my best friends!! He was my former manager and taught me self confidence and to also mix some great drinks!! Love you!! Go check him out at headroom!! That place is amazing!!!


  2. My favorite bartender who also happens to be my nephew. Who would of known from changing your dirty diapers to having dranks with you. Love you mo


  3. Omgggggg Maurice is The Best Bartender I know …..if you want a Good drink then he is your Bartender Babe head over to the Head Room in JC and go see for yourself….and to top it off he has an AWESOME PERSONALITY 👌 ♥️


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