Bar Babe of the Month: Anthony at Bedlam & The Ice Palace

Better known to many now as the excitingly athletic and vibrant dance queen AndrogyNY, Anthony also keeps the pulse of nightlife pumping from behind the bar as well. Here’s hoping we get a pour from him in person soon!

Bar that I work at: In the summers I work at the Ice Palace on Fire Island, and in the off season I work at Bedlam Bar in the LES

How long I’ve worked there: At Ice Palace this will be my second season behind the bar and at Bedlam, I’ve been there since October of 2018

What are my shifts: At the Ice Palace, I am out there all season. I live out on the island during the summer. At Bedlam, I am typically there every Friday. We do a lot of special events too, so I also work Thursdays and Sundays when needed.

What makes this bar great: I love Bedlam because it truly its a bar for everyone. Every night it’s a different crowd whether its underwear parties, burlesque, dance parties, comedy shows, whatever. There truly is something for everyone.

Best drink I make: I make one mean vodka soda…hahaha! But actually I am a mixologist as well. My favorite drink that I have created is my own take on a Caramel Appletini.

I love it when customers: TIP, haha! No, actually I really enjoy when customers say hello and introduce themselves, especially if they are regulars. When I work, I like people to know they are more than just a dollar to me. I like knowing their names and being able to catch up with them every time I see them.

I hate it when customers: When we are busy, I hate when customers get to me and don’t know what they want. It’s like, you’ve waited how long to get me to wait on you… and now that I’m here, you still don’t know!

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: Working at these establishments, we have a lot of parties of different themes with all walks of life. I have LITERALLY seen it all from A LOT of people. However, one of my best stories is when a woman walked in and pulled another girl backwards off a bar stool by the hair because the girl was on a date with the woman’s husband….that was a night!

Other places I’ve worked: I’ve worked at a LOT of places in my time. I was a professional dancer for over a decade, and have lived all over the world. So, I have worked in bars in my hometown, Las Vegas, Chicago, NYC, etc….

My hometown: Erie, Pennsylvania

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: I am also a drag performer here in NYC

Single or Taken: Taken – sorry kids

Who/what turns me on: I am really into Jocks and Twunk types….Not too big, not too small

Favorite music: I am a lover of ALL music. If you opened my iTunes you’d literally find playlists of country, followed by rap, followed by Gaga, followed by 80s. I will literally listen to anything, but anything that lets me dance has my vote!

Favorite movie or TV show: Woof. This is a tough one. Ummm….I am really into action and adventure type movies. Marvel, anything fighting and shooting, sci-fi ….that sorta thing

Favorite drag queen: Bianca del Rio. But I am also live for a drag queen / male entertainer named Axel Andrews, he’s a friend and huge inspiration.

My drag name would be: Androgyny! HAHA thats because I am her…or him….or whatever

Favorite gogo boy: There are so many; working for Daniel Nardicio for Year Number 4 now has really allowed me to work and become friends with the best of the best. They are all a MAJOR PERK to work with.

Favorite DJ: I really don’t have a favorite. I work with so many AMAZING DJ’s regularly throughout the week, every week. I love DJ Johnny Dynell, 2Face, Nicky Boom Box ,Steve Sidewalk, OhRicky….so many talented and amazing DJ’s

Other stuff you need to know about me: I am also a full time drag queen! Normally during the week, I am at Playhouse Bar on Wednesday nights where I host Ballsy Bingo. Saturday’s I am at Hardware Bar with Logan Hardcore (1st and last Saturday of the month) at 4pm and with Brenda Dharling at 8pm. I also host Antonio Cedeno’s CALIBR once a month at Rebar. On Sunday’s I have Totally Scrambled Brunch (new location to be announced after quarantine), and Sunday nights I’m at Monster Bar with Brenda Dharling again. Oh, and during the summer season I host a show with Ariel Sinclair at the Ice Palace on Thursdays, the Pool Show with Brenda Dharling on Saturdays and Ariel Sinclair and Brenda Dharling on Sundays!

However, during quarantine you can catch me in my living room 3 days a week….

  • Tuesday – Take a Shot Tuesday with Jacklynn Hyde and Brenda Dharling at 10pm FB Live
  • Saturday – the Pool Show Live with Androgyny on Saturdays at 4pm IG Live and FB Live
  • Sunday – The Carry On with Brenda Dharling at 6pm IG Live

Follow me on:  For the most up to date schedule please follow me on ALL social media platforms at @androgynyc

[Photo: David Serrano]
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