ThotSpot: Neon Boys

Thotyssey’s column “ThotLight” reviews and reports on the big events in NYC nightlife. Today’s a special Coroanavirus Quarantine edition where we’ll discuss a recently-released short film available for streaming starring NYC nightlife personalities. [Above: still from “Neon Boys” featuring Matty Glitterati & Jonathan Salazar.]

By Jim Silvestri

Need a palette cleanser between episodes of whatever it is you’re binging during Quarantine Season? Mattioli Productions, the company who ravaged us with the delicious Brooklyn drag horror comedy Killer Unicorn, has the ticket. Neon Boys, a thirty minute dramatic short filmed in 2018, is their latest offering… and it’s entirely different from their last.

Gritty and poignant, Neon Boys tells the compellingly simple story of two very different men gogo dancing their way through a few sexy, somber New York City nights. Ricky (Jonathan Salazar, aka local drag queen Sucia who also co-wrote and co-directed this) is the gentle, gay “veteran” of the scene shaking his moneymaker at Macri Park in Brooklyn (also the setting of Killer Unicorn) owned by Big Daddy (local character actor and cabaret star Tym Moss). Matty “Glitterati” Kinkel (NYC DJ, event producer and all-around scenester) plays Shawn, a straight ex-con who straps on the jock just for the cash, so he can provide for his estranged young daughter. Ricky and Shawn connect, and the rest of Neon Boys’ 30 minute run illustrates the sexy ups and tumultuous downs of what follows in their work and their relationship.


Salazar and Glitterati shine in their roles. They don’t necessarily resemble the particular brand of muscle queen that’s more commonly found on the gogo boxes today, but we’ve definitely seen these boys before and we know them. ANd it must here be noted (for journalistic integrity) that both actors fill out the jockstraps nicely. Glitterati, who also appeared in Killer Unicorn, is particularly gripping in the role of a Gay-For-Pay sex worker that’s both believable and sympathetic. . The short also boasts some vibrant cinematography by Cory Green, and a score that’s lush and atmospheric… plus, it’s fun to see the usually neighborhood-divey Macri Park get a sexy makeover with dry humping gogo boys in every dark corner.

Buy or stream Neon Boys here.

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