Bar Babe of the Month: Lailah at Playhouse & 3 Dollar Bill

A legendary nightlife lady is now serving you spirits as well as fierceness in two very different venues throughout the week.

Bars that I work at: Playhouse & 3 Dollar Bill

How long I’ve worked there: Playhouse 2 months, 3DB 9 months

What are my shifts: Playhouse: Monday, Thursday, Saturday 2-8, 3DB Friday 10pm-close & Sunday 3-10

What makes these bars great: Playhouse has breathed new life into the West Village with a fun new venue that has something for everyone: great happy hour, top DJ’s, talented drag queens and sexy bar staff! 3DB is keeping NYCs tradition of the club scene alive with a great club space, kickin’ sound & light system, amazing promoters and fun events!

Best drink I make: I make a mean Moscow Mule

I love it when customers: TIP! Lol… but seriously, I love when customers tell me how much they love either of the bars I work at. I really love where I work, so when others see what I do it makes me happy to be part that experience for them.

I hate it when customers: compare one bar to another. So many places have such different vibes…there are times when people compare two places that are polar opposite of one another!

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: So far nothing bad crazy has happened at either bar, at least not while I’ve been there. One thing that is crazy is the amount of CRAZY talented, creative people I get to experience. I’m a people person and LOVE meeting the people that move and shake this city in 2020.

Other places I’ve worked: I bartended at and managed Lucky Chengs for a very long time. Most recently I was at the Park Slope legendary bar Excelsior–sadly it is no longer, but it left me with great memories and some amazing friendships.

My hometown: Born and raised in NYC!

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: I’m either out at the movies, dinner or a drag show with my bestie (Glam Award nominee nightlife photographer) Jax Koyote, or at home decompressing and doing a solo Netflix & Chill situation.

Single or Taken: I’m very single! Any hot, straight, EMPLOYED guys into Curvy Transwomen over 40.. slide into my DM’s!!!

Who/what turns me on: guys with a sense of humor who can hold a conversation are A+++ also tall & tattooed is a weakness of mine.

Favorite music: I REALLY love all types of music. As as singer/ songwriter/ entertainer, I have eclectic taste in music, depends on the day and the mood I’m in.

Favorite movie or TV show: my fave movies are Death Becomes Her, 9-5, (the original) Child’s Play and virtually ANY good horror flick! TV show…s I’m a classic TV girl: Mary Tyler Moore, Carol Burnett and of course The Golden Girls. But I also love The Good Place!

Favorite drag queen: Some of my top faves are two of my longtime sisters Paulina The Princess of Power (Lucky Chengs) and Shequida. But I love so many of the ladies who helped build drag in NYC…Sherry Vine, Lady Bunny, Coco Peru, Jackie Beat, Taboo, Perfidia… sooo many queens. Plus the new crop: my sisters Kizha Carr, Bob The Drag Queen, Monet X-Change, Pissi Myles, FiFi DuBois, Tina Burner…so many girls. This city is so rich with AMAZING DRAG! Love so many queens… too many to list them all, but I love and respect you all for your contributions.

My drag name would be: Its sooooo NOT PC….BUT it’s Miley Retarded

Favorite gogo boy: I think Brogan is SUPER CUTE.

Favorite DJ: love the new crop that are out there turning it but some of my classic loves are DJ Lady Bunny, Larry Tee, DJ Lina, Honey Dijon, DJ Nita Aviance, Jon Jon Battles and my former partner in crime for my 4-year cabaret residency at Excelsior, DJ RDK

Other stuff you need to know about me: I’ve been in NYC nightlife for over three decades. I’ve been privileged to be part of so much greatness, and know so many AMAZING people. I’ve also be lucky to be part of the wonderful Trans community in NYC. I’m feel so lucky and blessed to have had longevity! This is the beginning of the second act in the story that is my life, and you should come see me…I’m full of great stories!

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