Bar Babe of the Month: Brent at Pieces & Hardware

A towering hottie of Hell’s Kitchen and the West Village, Brent Heuser is also a major musical theater performer, a budding drag queen, a professional pumpkin carver and a first time GLAM nominee!

Bar that I work at: Pieces and Hardware

How long I’ve worked there: 7 months!

What are my shifts: Broadway Mondays and Woman Crush Wednesdays at Hardware, and Moore LeFleur Tuesdays at Pieces.

What makes these bars great: Both bars have their own vibes. Hardware is a very popular staple bar in Manhattan. It’s where New Yorkers go to hang out in Hell’s Kitchen, and it’s also a great dance spot on the weekend. Pieces is a historic bar in the Village, and has more of a downtown feel. You can stop in for a beer and a chat, or you can dance the night away and forget your debit card on any given day (but please try not to, lol). Pieces is also full of celebrity sightings, so you never know who you might bump into. Both bars have EPIC drag shows, and multiple shows on some days. You can’t go wrong with either one!

Best drink I make: I’m really great at pouring Bud Light. Haha. I also love to make my version of a Kentucky Mule. A sweet whiskey like Jack or Makers on the rocks. A healthy splash of ginger beer, two squeezed lemons and a generous float of bitters on top. It doesn’t have a name, I’m thinking of calling. it “The Mmm.”

I love it when customers: Just have a good time and ARE NICE.

I hate it when customers: Wave you down for a drink on a packed night like the world is ending, and then when you approach them… they don’t know what they want… Girlllllll.

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: Kimmi Moore twirling toilet paper like a ribbon dancer during her and Boudoir LeFleur’s last number of their Tuesday show at Pieces. Their show is always on fire, and it was the silliest finale of the night.

Other places I’ve worked: I’ve bartenders at quite a few places. My first bar job was at Barracuda seven years ago. I also bartended for a couple years at Therapy not too long ago. After that I joined the Hardware / Pieces and now Playhouse team!

My hometown: Elyria, Ohio. Suburb of Cleveland.

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: I actually do way too much. Lol. I’m a musical theatre performer, and have been in and out of shows during my NYC career. Most recently, I’ve been touring with Countess Luann from Real Housewives of NY in her infamous cabaret Countess And Friends. I’ve been a regular in and out of that show for a year now. Also, randomly, I’m professional pumpkin carver. I’ve been carving for 5 years, and this past year I got to do some really amazing work with the NFL, Nintendo, the High Line Hotel, and even got to carve with Monét X Change on The X Change Rate. Lately, I’ve been playing with my drag identity Lola Ceilings. She breaks out of jail occasionally, and that’s been a blast.

Single or Taken: SINGLE and ready to MINGLE.

Who/what turns me on: Honestly, I don’t really have a type. I am definitely very attracted to Latin men, however. I’m one of those annoying gays on Grindr that wants to get to know someone first, lol. So I like funny. I like considerate and kind people. Dad jokes are the ultimate turn on.

Favorite music: I’m a musical theater baby. “She Used To Be Mine” from Waitress: the Musical is my one and only. Other than that, I can’t stop listening to “Don’t Stop Now” by Dua Lipa. That song gets me riiiiight!

Favorite movie or TV show: To Wong Foo is a staple. I’ve been infatuated with that movie since I was literally a child. As for TV Shows, Buffy and Bob’s Burgers all day, everyday.

Favorite drag queen: Do I have to pick just one? I love them all, honestly. It takes a LOT to do drag and people don’t realize that. However, I stan for Boudoir LeFleur and Kimmi Moore. They’re unbelievably talented, funny, and they always turn Tuesdays OUT. They also painted my face as Lola Ceilings, and are giving me all the pro tips. They’re up for several GLAM Awards so vote for them! (And me too, for Best Bartender, please!)

My drag name would be: If I wasn’t Lola Ceilings already, I’d be Hilary Scruff. I think that name is so funny.

Favorite gogo boy: Ruby Roo

Favorite DJ: 3 way tie: DJ OhRicky, Mike Borowski, and 2Face! Nice people, great beats. Also, Mike turns any given weekday into a a Friday night dance floor. Props to him for that.

Other stuff you need to know about me: I’m really, really tall, like probably giant status officially, I think. 6’7”.

Follow me on: Instagram (@BrentHeuser and @BrentPumpkins)

Brent as Lola Ceilings

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