For Your Consideration: NYC Nightlife Videos from 2019

“Who should I vote for in Best Video for the GLAMS this year?” Whomever you like, but here are some ideas! Note: the category is very broad and can include clips of live performances, comedy bits, makeup tutorials, and… I dunno… porn? Whatevs. But in this list I limited things to videos of the “Classic MTV” musical filmed variety. Let me know who I missed!

  • Aja & Shilow “Jeckyl & Hyde” 
    Brooklyn banjie legend turned Drag Race S9 (and All-Stars 3) breakout star Aja and her collaborator Shilow released this first single from their totally rap, totally queer album Box Office in February.  It’s a noteworthy creative departure from the usual candy rap formula you hear from Drag Race alums.

  • Aja & Shilow “The Purge”
    An aggressive third track from Box Office dropped just this week.

  • Amanda Lepore “The Jean Genie”
    Way back in January, American nightlife’s most recognizable figure covered this classic David Bowie tune and filmed the video at Stonewall, with young Bowie clone Cory Alexander.

  • Amanda Lepore “Buckle Up”
    Miz Lapore is dripping with sex and sequins for this loungey clip that dropped in August.

  • Ariel Versace “Venomous”
    If Aja’s new music strays too far from “the formula” for your taste, this catchy track from the Jersey Girl and Drag Race S11 alum should whet your whistle.

  • Blew Velvet “A Sacrifice”
    Debut single from the local dreampop artist, who has performed live a few recent times in Brooklyn.

  • Blew Velvet “A Mirror”
    The first single from Blew’s upcoming EP Frankie, this new video is notable for featuring legendary Brooklyn performer Charlene.

  • Boy Radio “Home Late”
    The dreamy Brooklyn crooner released an equally dreamy song and video for an upcoming album in April.

  • Dexter Driscoll “Rendezvous”
    The local musician and DJ released this airy, sensuous clip over the summer.

  • Dyllan White “Shhh… I’m Hot!”
    Adorbs Pieces and Hardware Bar Babe Dyllan released this sexy clip for his fun self-penned party song this summer, and it’s already aired on MTV Live.

  • Eddie Wayne “Gooniez”
    Aka Rockbar bartender Stevin, the local queer rapper / singer / songwriter / bear party producer dropped this catchy single and clip in January.

  • Felix And The Future “Schoolboy”
    Known for his unusual gothic vocals and the exotic locals of his surreal videos, fans of Brooklyn queerdo Felix were not left disappointed by this clip from April.

  • Honey Davenport “Worship Me”
    Featuring Orion, probably the most popular track from The Hive with it’s throwback 60’s vibe.

  • Jayse Vegas “Go Together”
    The first video (dropped just a few days ago) from the two-time GLAM winner’s latest EP The Gay Agenda. Jayse hosts and performs in nightlife events all across NYC, and co-wrote songs for Honey Davenport’s The Hive.

  • Kimmi Moore“One Night”
    The Haus of Assassins’ fierce dancer released her second video / original song in October… a super fancy and sexy in-Haus affair directed by Nick Gaga and featuring Boudoir LeFleur and Kamilla Kockman (all Assassins).

  • DJ Kindbud “Ladies & Gentlemen”
    The veteran NYC House DJ dropped this colorful clip from his EP The Soho Sessions in June, featuring dance cameos of nightlifers and ballroom legends in silhouette.

  • Kyle Motsinger “Love On Each Other”
    With his trademark showtune style, the ginger singer released a hippie-themed video for this original song in August, filmed in multiple locations including Club Cumming.

  • Linux “Thanks Satan”
    The iconic Bartschland club kid shed their cumbersome asymmetric art looks for sheer Satanic sexiness in this cute ode to evil, released in early September.

  • Macy Rodman “Greased Up Freak, Part 1”
    The Legendary Brooklyn Trans Punk Queen’s latest is very much on brand: catchy, thrashy, trashy fun. It’s the first single from her forthcoming album Endless Kindness.

  • Marti Gould Cummings “Baby Shark”
    After a cute video of her performing the popular children’s ear worm to a delighted toddler at a brunch went viral, the political office-seeking megaqueen filmed a full video of the popular song (which is presumably an old campfire tune of nonspecific origin). Features cameos from queens in and out of drag like JanSport, Lagoona Bloo & Kiki Ball-Change.

  • Mike Taveira “Heart”
    One of Hardware / Pieces’ most Bar Babiest bartenders, pansexual Mike released a sultry and morbidly pretty video for his lovely, raw debut single.

  • Mila Jam “Like The Last Time”
    The groundbreaking pop star who began her career in NYC nightlife released several singles in 2019 that were accompanied by expensive-looking videos, starting with this one in March.

  • Mila Jam “Twilight Zone”
    This one came next, in May.

  • Mila Jam “Masquerade”
    July saw this particularly eye- and ear-catching clip get added to Mila’s videography.

  • Mila Jam “Eye On You” 
    And this one was just released this month.

  • Miss Cherry Delight “Mine”
    Known for recording hedonistic, gothy glam rock and Halloween anthems, NYC burlesquer Cherry delivered something much more personal this May.

  • Monet X Change “Unapologetically: The Visual EP”
    NYC’s own All-Stars 3 co-winner released a long clip featuring several original song snippets in February, showcasing her considerable style and vocal abilities.

  • Nico Gonzalez “Too Damn Hot”
    This brand new clip is being billed as a “single release visual teaser,” which I guess means something more complete is to come. But whatevs, all the aesthetic and musical talents of this model and bartender (Barracuda and Industry) are well-represented.

  • Sateen “Gotta Gimme Your Love”
    The sexy starlet from the Susanne Bartsch circuit released a slinky ode to disco and peepshows in August.

  • Thee Suburbia “Get The Love Out”
    In another very new video, the wondrously witchy weirdo Suburbia and her coven of kooks (including Emi Grate and Junior Mint) twirl across Brooklyn rooftops in rapture to a joyously off-kilter tune.

Vote here! Only people in nightlife can vote in the GLAMS, and can do so by requesting a voting code via Facebook DM from producer Cherry Jubilee. But usually after the Best Video category is narrowed down to selected nominees, the entire public can vote in it.
(And PS, please also vote for Jim Silvestri @ Thotyssey as Best Writer / Blog!)

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