Bar Babe of the Month: Marc at The Albatross

cory alexander

Dusty Ray Bottoms’ number one fan Marc Singer is also a playwright, actor, wig witch, and now a  Bar Babe.

Bar that I work at: Albatross

How long I’ve worked there: About four months now. She’s new to the family!

What are my shifts: Every Monday, Friday, and Saturday

What makes this bar great: There’s a really amazing mix of people that come here. Its a place where everyone feels welcome and everyone, can relax and have a fun time together.

Best drink I make: All of them because I make them with LOVE!!! But my Secret Sangria is delicious, and will have you seeing triple.

I love it when customers: A smile and “please and thank you” go a VERY long way with me.

I hate it when customers: Aggressively wave you down but don’t know what they want to drink. Whatchu doin’?

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: Someone tried to steal a bunch of our toilet paper out of the bathrooms. And then brought it all up to the bar with them to order a drink…

Other places I’ve worked: No place like Albatross, so come hang with me here!

My hometown: LawnGuyLand, New York

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: I’m an actor, writer, and wig stylist. Hit me up!

Single or Taken: Taken

Who/what turns me on: Men. All men. I love men. I’ve got a sweet tooth.

Favorite music: I love a good dance beat and a high belt! But I’ve got a pretty eclectic taste in music. (All my favorites are on a Spotify playlist called Marc’s Ultimate Playlist!)

Favorite movie or TV show: Its a tie between Almost Famous and Running With Scissors.

Favorite drag queen: Dusty Ray Bottoms! I’ve always been her number one fan! Check out some legendary numbers on YouTube!

My drag name would be: Stevie. After the legendary Stevie Nicks. She has a special place in my heart.

Favorite gogo boy: Tokeyo. I’ve never actually seen him live, but he is beautiful and so empowered and doing so many things. Very sexy and inspiring.

Favorite DJ: Lady Bunny is a legend and is truly so entertaining!

Other stuff you need to know about me: I’m 100% that bitch, even when I’m cryin’ crazy.

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