Bar Babe of the Month: Michael at ReBar

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Filmmaker & Bar Babe: ReBar’s Michael!

Bar that I work at: Rebar in Chelsea

How long I’ve worked there: Almost a year

What are my shifts: Varying weekly, but usually happy hour Sunday-Tuesday, and nights Thursday or Saturday

What makes this bar great: Rebar is vers! All the different themed parties and shows during the week vary for all interests in entertainment, music, crowd, and environment. It’s the best one stop shop for the entire gay community, and allies too!

Best drink I make: I’ve been told my Cosmos and Margaritas are fantastic

I love it when customers: Laugh at my jokes, keep it flirty, don’t forget to tip.

I hate it when customers: Rudeness ain’t cute, sis!

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: I plead the fifth.

Other places I’ve worked: Hooters. Just kidding. They told me I didn’t have the chest for it.

My hometown: Westchester / The Bronx

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: I’m a filmmaker, and I just shot a short film that we’re currently editing. And when I’m not doing that, mostly gay stuff.

Single or Taken: Happily taken. Merrily open. We love to share.

Who/what turns me on: I don’t have one type. I’m very into bodies, all versions of them. Confidence is sexy. A positive attitude. Being direct. Oh, and love a good butt.

Favorite music: It’s a cluster fuck. My top artists right now are Beach House, Lake Street Dive, Billie Eilish, Lizzo, Alabama Shakes, Cigarettes After Sex, and Christine and The Queens.

Favorite movie or TV show: An unfair question! I am a consumer. I have many needs. But First Wives Club and The Shining are up there.

Favorite drag queen: My girl Sherry Pie! Her show Marquee Mondays at Rebar is so hilarious and she’s stupid talented.

My drag name would be: Idk probably something food related, “Burger Deluxe”

Favorite gogo boy: Mariano Rubin 😍 (Friday nights at Rebar, he’s incredible)

Favorite DJ: Frankie Sharp, Ty Sunderland

Other stuff you need to know about me: I’m always hungry, and usually thirsty.

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