Bar Babe of the Month: Bernard at Boxers HK

Yes, this gorgeous Boxers pourmaster makes it werk: Bernard!

Bar that I work at: Boxers HK– 50/9

How long I’ve worked there: for Boxers, over a year now; but at this location, about 8 months

What are my shifts: Currently, you can catch me Tuesday- Friday all night. If I’m not bartending, I will be around managing. 😁

What makes this bar great: The bar is very diverse and welcoming to all. There’s this vibrant and cool energy meshed along with the amazing staff that makes it so fun.

Best drink I make: anything… because I make them with love 😉

I love it when customers: are enjoying themselves and having a great time. Also, when they tip.

I hate it when customers: 1) are rude trying to grab someone’s attention when busy, but aren’t ready to order upon approach 2) don’t tip

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: There’s been quite a bit. Anything that involves lots of alcohol.

Other places I’ve worked: The Smith and Chaan Teng (now known as Qi)

My hometown: Memphis, TN

Stuff I do when I’m not barending: Gym, clean, cook, sleep, dine out, online shop, try to travel, and make time for friends.

Single or Taken: single

Who/what turns me on: Zayn (hahaha) or someone that’s humble, confident, and takes care of their body.

Favorite music: Depending on my mood, I listen to just about anything except heavy rager type music.

Favorite movie or TV show: Schitt’s Creek and Game of Thrones

Favorite drag queen: All time favorite has to be my beautiful and amazing friend Digna. Have you seen her? GORGEOUS! My others are Kimora Blac, Jasmine Rice LaBeija, Kandy Muse, Gia Gunn, and Shangela because in/out of drag they are sweet and sincere, fun to be around, and just all around great people.

My drag name would be: Oh man… I’m going to pass on this one hahaha

Favorite gogo boy: I am mesmerized by the way this one guy dances. I believe his name is Samuel? He has incredible legs and can gyrate and twerk for days!

Favorite DJ: I have so many, but it depends on my mood.

Other stuff you need to know about me: So many people read into zodiac signs- I’m an Aquarius born in the year of the Tiger.

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