Don’t run, don’t walk, but SKIP to this Astorian GLAM-nominated pourmaster!

Bar that I work at: Icon & Albatross

How long I’ve worked there: 1 Year

What are my shifts:  Tuesday & Saturday at Icon, Wednesday & Thursday at Albatross

What makes this bar great:  They’re both very inclusive and nonjudgmental

Best drink I make:  Everything, duh!

I love it when customers: Tell me I’m pretty and remember to pay their bar tabs

I hate it when customers: Call me Chip, Flip or Dip …

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: Ask my Albatross Thursday night drag queen Avant Garbage how she talks to people’s butt holes during strip twister

Other places I’ve worked: Planned Parenthood (just kidding… but am I?)

My hometown: Newburgh, NY

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: I volunteer for the LGBT Network of LIC

Single or Taken: Single

Who/what turns me on: When my dressing comes on the side for my salads … JK, I don’t eat salads. But sometimes I toss them

Favorite music: Rap / Hip Hip / R & B … yeah, I said it

Favorite movie or TV show:Not Another Teen Movie … because it puts the “-ism” in “this is all just a defense mechanism

Favorite drag queen: You’ll have to check my diary for that one

My drag name would be:  Cock-ring Ken

Favorite DJ: Whomever knows who Ja Rule is

Other stuff you need to know about me:  I love long walks on the beach and Belvedere vodka

Follow me on: @skiplarussa for literally everything! XOX


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