Bar Babe of the Month: Ruby at Pieces & Lips

One of Manhattan and Brooklyn’s favorite drag queens is also a GLAM-nominated bartender…. Miss Ruby Roo!

Bar I work at:  I bartend at Pieces twice a week (sometimes in drag!) and once a week at Lips (always in drag!)

How long I’ve worked there: I’ve been performing at Pieces for about two years, bartending regularly for a year. I’ve been at Lips for nearly 5 years.

What are my shifts:  Pieces Wednesday nights for Snatched Wednesdays with Jan SportIzzy Uncut and Shuga Cain. Pieces Saturday Happy Hour for Get Happy with Heidi Haux. Lips Sunday nights for Superstar Sundays with Morgan Royel.

What makes this bar great: I love working for Pieces (and our sister bar Hardware) as a bartender half the time and a drag queen the other half (catch my show at Pieces Friday night with Brita Filter or at Hardware Saturday night with Lagoona Bloo), because you get to interact with people in various ways. And, I spend so much time in drag, it is nice to be around people who know me as Ruby but I don’t have to be fully done up!  Pieces is staffed by really incredible people behind the bar, and home to some of the best drag talent in the city… so no matter which side of the bar I’m on I’m surrounded by a cool group.

Best drink I make: Cocktail? I love to make a gin martini up with a twist, with a hint of vermouth. Shot? You’ve gotta try a Peach Cobbler shot: my own invention!

I love it when customers: follow me on Instagram! Oh, and tip 20% (that goes for the entire service industry, people!)  I also love it when people come up to the bar and know exactly what they want! Makes serving you so much easier for us both! Also, feel freeeeee to buy me a shot when you’re buying a round of drinks 😉

I hate it when customers: Come up to the bar and say “can you make me something fun???” Sure, here’s a super fun shot of house tequila.Know what you want to order when you get to the bar, and speak up, it’s loud in here! We can’t hear you when you’re whispering across the bar.

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: once a customer broke off the end of a shot glass and tried to use it as a shank (like they did with a coke bottle in The Outsiders) before he was removed from the bar. When he was about to be escorted out, he was suddenly calm, set the glass down and went “whoa I’m sorry” and then turned and walked out. PARTY.

Other places I’ve worked: Well I only bartend at Pieces and Lips buuuuttt you can catch my shows at Pieces, Hardware, Lips, Macri Park, and a slew of other pop up shows! ( *wink*)

My hometown: I’m originally from McMinnville, Oregon. Moved here almost 10 years ago!

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: Well obviously.. DRAG. but apart from that, I loooove cooking (I made Thanksgiving dinner this year for about 25 people) and I love finding and going to different restaurants all around the city.

Single or Taken: I actually got married this year to my ridiculous husband Carlo

Who/what turns me on: well, my husband obviously 😉 But in general: confidence, a crazy sense of humor, people with an intense passion for whatever their art/craft might be.. oh and Latin men. Haha!

Favorite music: I have terrible taste in music. I’m a theater nerd, so you’ll often find me listening to Sondheim or Barbra Streisand.. or Barbra Streisand SINGING Sondheim. I’ve been listening to deep house music to help me sleep recently? And it’s actually working? And I LOVE Christmas music. Favorite artists right now are Years & Years, Jess Glynne, and all these collabs that Cash Cash is doing.

Favorite movie or TV show: Okay… I am still an avid fan of Greys Anatomy, which is slightly embarrassing. I also am obsessed with animated movies.
I always have the TV on, so I’ve seen almost everything.. too hard to pick a favorite movie.

Favorite drag queen: Besides myself? It’s too difficult, I know them all! But I’m currently obsessed with two new girls, Izzy Uncut and Lemon. They crack me up!

My drag name would be: Well obviously, this one is easy. But if I had to change it I’d probably change it to “Susan” or something really pedestrian. Ha!

Favorite DJ: this is harder than the favorite drag queen question! Every DJ I work with rocks my world: DJ 2Face, DJ OhRicky, one of my besties Cameron Cole, DJ Mike Borowski, DJ Xavier Mazara, DJ Nicky Boom Box… these guys are the real business. So my pick is someone I rarely get to work with, but who I luuuvvv, DJ Jon ALi!

Other stuff you need to know about me: Vote for me! I’m nominated for Best Bartender in this year’s GLAM Awards!

Follow me on: Instagram & Facebook… and Venmo @rubyroo (lol)

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