Bar Babe of the Month:  Matthew at 3 Dollar Bill


Brooklyn’s hottest new venue has–surprise surprise–a hot new new bar staff! Let’s meet Matthew!

Bar that I work at: 3 Dollar Bill

How long I’ve worked there: Just recently started, it’s a fairly new queer bar/venue and if you haven’t been yet, I’m sure you will soon

What are my shifts: Thursday Happy Hour, Friday & Saturday nights

What makes this bar great: Fantastic professional lighting and sound, a huge space with dance floor, stage, and backyard. And it’s a great mix of neighborhood bar and giant events

Best drink I make: I can make a mean old fashioned.

I love it when customers: Can hold their liquor and keep partying.

I hate it when customers: Can’t.

Craziest thing I’ve seen here:  I’m sorry I can’t say. I’ve signed an NDA

Other places I’ve worked: The Rosemont, Sweet Science, Night of Joy

My hometown: Moraga, CA, it’s a small town outside Oakland

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: Write and produce music, writing screenplays, brunch with Mercedes

Single or Taken: Very single

Who/what turns me on: Unavailability.  Also Olly Alexander

Favorite music: The Knife, St. Vincent, Carly Rae Jepsen, Lykke Li, Moderat, Years and Years, Radiohead, Jai Paul, The National, Perfume Genius

Favorite movie or TV show: A Single Man, anything by Charlie Kaufman, PT Anderson, Wes Anderson. In The Flesh on BBC if you need a good gay cry. Bojack Horseman for a good laugh/cry

Favorite drag queen: Angelica SundaeMini HorrorwitzQueen RobertWest DakotaCrystal MeshUntitled Queen, honestly too many to name. But also Risqué Bisqué

My drag name would be: Frisqué Bisqué, of the Haus of Bisqué

Favorite gogo boy: David Goldberg, Danny Sygar, Ash

Favorite DJ: Hannah Lou, IckarusP_A_T,  Lady Simon, and of course Horrorchata

Other stuff you need to know about me: Me and Kevin Houlahan are not actually related, for the record

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