Bar Babe of the Week: Tyrone at Flaming Saddles

When you’re looking for a hot dancing man serving cool mindblowing spirits, you betta… wait for it… Call Tyrone!

Bar that I work at: Flaming Saddles NYC

How long I’ve worked there: Been with NYC bar for 9 months, but opened Weho bar 4 years ago

What are my shifts: I tend to work happy hour shifts Wed, Thur, and Sat but sub throughout the week often

What makes this bar great: People always feel comfortable here. I always say gay bars should be like a place of acceptance and openness. Where you can be yourself with no fear of judgment. I feel you don’t always get that in some gay bars, but at Saddles we thrive to be just that.

Best drink I make: I would say I have a Damn good marg

I love it when customers: Feel comfortable and enjoy themselves and us at the bar

I hate it when customers:  Don’t tip.. ugh REALLY!!

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: I feel like the crazy thing I see the most is the fact that people walk into the bar see it’s empty or not full and turn and walk away… and are not aware that they are or could be be walking away from one of the best gay experience they ever had.

Other places I’ve worked: On the Broadway stage.. this is actually one of the first “real” jobs I’ve ever had here. Ha!

My hometown: My OG home town is Galesburg, Illinois, but I say I’m from southwest suburbs of Chicago’ cause I grew up there after 7th grade.

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending:  enjoy the company of my friends.

Single or Taken: Single…(complicated)

Who/what turns me on: Someone who has beauty for LIFE…. and by that I mean awareness of your surroundings and your place in all this crazy.

Favorite music: It may sound crazy, but I don’t listen to music on the regular…. I hear about new things from friends. If I had to say, though, I tend to listen to Neo Soul and gospel… and of course, country.

Favorite movie or TV show: Crazy Rich Asians was great… UGH the wedding scene had me in tears.. which is the same as any commercial that pulsl at the public’s heart… TV show, I just got into this show on Lifetime “of course” called You… it’s a thriller romantic comedy… haha.. my life in a bit shell.

Favorite drag queen: My drag mamma Mayhem Miller.. who I got to know very well in LA and also worked with her in the movie Cherry Pop.

Favorite gogo boy: Eek, I’ll say my boy Jackson

Favorite DJ: my long time friend Scotty Rox

Other stuff you need to know about me: if you come and chat with me I’m a open book… so come check me out!

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