Bar Babe of the Week: Pancho at Metropolitan Bar

Metro & Macri’s Pancho is a stop-motion animator who will make your heart skip a beat!

Bar that I work at: Metropolitan Bar and Macri Park

How long I’ve worked there: on and off, five years

What are my shifts: Monday, Thursday & Friday (Macri); Tuesday, Saturday & Sunday (Metro)

What makes this bar great: These old dives capture the spirit of what is community and carry a sense of history with all the antics, all the love, all the camaraderie, all the good all the bad, of an adult play ground. Co-workers and patrons are family here.

Best drink I make: TBA

I love it when customers: Patience, bringing common respect to the table, and a good tip 🙂

I hate it when customers: Need babysitters.

Craziest thing I’ve seen here:  CYNTHIA NIXON!!!!! And BJORK singing on karaoke night.

Other places I’ve worked: Nowhere Bar, Freemans Alley, Waverly Inn & Beatrice Inn

My hometown: born and raised in Puerto Rico

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: taking care of my pup

Single or Taken: Single, because I’m crazy

Who/what turns me on: genuinely straight forward, humble, and playful with a bully aspect.

Favorite music: sad songs…. a good deal of them.

Favorite movie or TV show: Lord of the Rings, Buffy

Favorite drag queen:  HorrorchataUntitled QueenMerrie CherryCharlene, amongst others.

My drag name would be: Hotmessa Expressa

Favorite gogo boy: Richard Cortez

Favorite DJ: Manila Ice and his HELLA PARTIES

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