Bar Babe of the Week: Carlos at Cherry’s on the Bay


He’s quenching your thirst at Hardware and Pieces for most of the year, but summertime you have to come to Cherrys of Fire Island for a taste of Carlos!


Bar that I work at: I spend my spring / summers on Cherry Grove, Fire Island at Cherrys On The Bay and my fall / winters at Hardware / Pieces

How long I’ve worked there: This is my third season on Fire Island, and will be my second fall / winter at Pieces and Hardware

What are my shifts: I have off on Wednesdays

What makes this bar great: To work on the water every day is a beautiful job to have… I pretty much live / work all summer where people come to vacation, so it’s a party every night

Best drink I make: We have about 8 frozen drinks that I’ve mastered making, and they are delicious

I love it when customers: come in with a good attitude and just want to have a good time . I’m a party in itself, so if your vibe matches mine – it’s gonna b a good time.

I hate it when customers: treat me like I’m just some servant / slave. Be nice to me, I’m a nice guy!

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: last season, I used to work the Thursday Night BLOW parties… it pretty much was famous porn stars on our stage having live sex, and doing different crowd interactive portions like doing shots off their private parts. Or one time they had a guy each a chicken finger off his you know what. That was my first time ever seeing something like that…  I was shockeddddd to say the least.

Other places I’ve worked: I was born and raised on Long Island, so I’ve worked bars all over Long Island

My hometown: Holbrook, NY

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: I’m a big family guy. My niece is my pride and joy. Every time I have a moment to leave Fire Island, I run straight home to see her and my family.

Single or Taken: Single

Who/what turns me on: it’s all about the vibe with me. When you meet someone and the vibe is right, that’s what gets me going. If we can’t carry a conversation,  then it’s pointless.

Favorite music: i like it all, anywhere from hip hop / rap to Spanish music to reggae to pop, some house music / EDM… pretty much anything but country

Favorite movie or TV show: I’m a reality TV junkie .. i love them all

Favorite drag queen: I got a few… Top 3 would have to be Tina Burner, Monet X Change and my new favorite Jada Valenciaga.

My drag name would be: Carlotta Body

Favorite gogo boy: I used to work the Spunk party on Sundays at Pieces, and I forgot most of their names but boyyyyy  they’re all my favorite

Favorite DJ: Mr. Larry 2Face, for sure

Other stuff you need to know about me: I’m big on respect… respect me and I’ll respect you, it’s simple as that. Treat others the way you wanna be treated. This world is already filled with enough hate towards the gay community…  we don’t need to add to it.

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