Bar Babe of the Week: Dustin at Therapy


Call off the Amber Alert… the adorbs Dustin is safe and sound at Therapy, being your Bar Babe!

Bar that I work at: Therapy

How long I’ve worked there: 3 years

What are my shifts: Wednesday (”The Help”), Thursday (Brita Filter), Friday Happy hour (men who only drink Grey Goose), Slurp Sundays (Paige Turner)

What makes this bar great: The bathrooms. JK! We have an amazing bar that’s 2 levels, candle lit so your date looks attractive, and amazing service with fierce drag queens!

Best drink I make: frozen cosmo… the way I pull that lever will have you SHOOK!

I love it when customers: understand the gig; they’re easygoing and friendly.

I hate it when customers: please see attached PDF

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: So these two guys in sunglasses and gold chains come up to the second floor and start throwing all this paper of the ledge. I immediately thought, “oh great now I have to clean this shit up!” I then see people downstairs on the floor gathering the paper, only to find out they had thrown $1000 of ones over the banister.

Other places I’ve worked: everywhere! I’ve worked with killer whales in Orlando, I was a telemarketer for 3 hours before they fired me. The decoy on To Catch a Predator.

My hometown: High Point, NC

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: I play with the Gotham Volleyball League. I’ve been playing competitive volleyball since middle school.

Single or Taken: Venmo me to find out.

Who/what turns me on: A man with good credit.

Favorite music: Behive

Favorite movie or TV show:  30 Rock & Handmaids Tale

Favorite drag queen: I love the work of that queen Pixie Carr Del Rio X Change Turner Filter Sport Cummings the Drag Queen.

My drag name would be: Amber Alert. Since SOMEONE gave me up for adoption on TV (”Short Change”)

Favorite gogo boy: I love BIG muscle looking dudes. So I would say Tina Burner

Favorite DJ: Nobody does a drag suicide quite like Patrick Kuzara. RIP

Other stuff you need to know about me: I wanna be an Instagram thot when I grow up.

Follow me on: Instagram (Dustinclod… same for Venmo)


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