Bar Babe of the Week: Erwin at Metropolitan Bar


Whether he’s serving you beats or refills, Metro’s Erwin aka DJ Manila Ice has Got This!

Bar that I work at:  Metropolitan Bar

How long I’ve worked there: 8 years in August, holy shit! Started as floor, to barback, to BARTENDER EXTRAORDINAIRE, got bored and wanted to DJ and do visuals.

What are my shifts: Tuesday nights for Queeraoke with Garry. Saturday for Happy Hour and Metrosensual. Every other Sunday with Katie. I also DJ once a month for Hella–and on second Thursdays, or a one off like The Bronze (Buffy night). And the HELLA anniversary is on June 22nd with Miz Jade and Kandy

What makes this bar great: cheap ass drinks, are you kidding me. The bartenders are like my fam, we’re weird cuz we actually LIKE each other.

Best drink I make: Dirrty Martini

I love it when customers: tell me I’m pretty

I hate it when customers: order dirrty martinis

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: tons every week, is like an episode of Vanderpump Rules, lol.

Other places I’ve worked: I’ve been working at bars since I was  20s (which is pretty recent btw), at a bar called Club Dragon in SF (RIP).  I also DJ at gay friendly spots like Exley and LUA Bar in Bushwick.

My hometown: Grew up in a small town called Mayantoc in the Philippines. Moved to NYC to pursue fashion photography and live like Carrie Bradshaw, LOL.

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: I went back to school for Art Direction. That takes a lot of my time, but I’m having a blast making new contacts and learning how to sell an idea.

Single or Taken: Taken, sup pogi.

Who/what turns me on: confidence, kind, sense of humor for sure, and creativity.

Favorite music: XTINA, please buy/stream LIBERATION when it comes out on JUNE 15.

Favorite movie or TV show:  The Americans, I love watching Felicity portray a cold ass Russian killing machine. I usually pass out to Forensic Files.

Favorite drag queen: I love me some Miz Jade also Epiphany Get Paid and Glace Chase’s sharp ass tongue/wit. We need more of that these days.

My drag name would be: Ertina Gaguilera ….

Favorite gogo boy: Henry, give that gaysian some $

Favorite DJ:  Manila ICE, jokes, Uncle Larry and Erica KEENA.

Other stuff you need to know about me: Capricorn/Leo rising…lol.. I love collaborating with performers and musicians/ hit a bitch up if u need a photo/life advice.

Follow me on: Insta: Personal & PG-13 / arts shit


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