Bar Babe of the Week: Daniel at Cubbyhole


Get cozy with Cubbyhole’s Daniel!

Bar that I work at: Cubbyhole

How long I’ve worked there:  I’ve worked there about 8 years now.

What are my shifts: Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights

What makes this bar great: the eclectic clientele and staff.

Best drink I make: a nice cup of whiskey with a beer chaser!

I love it when customers: tell me stories from before I worked there, and give a lil’ history that I’d never knew.

I hate it when customers: play slow music

Craziest thing I’ve seen here:  ough to narrow down, but what happens at Cubby, stays at Cubby

Other places I’ve worked:  I mainly bartended / waited and managed restaurants. My last place was cafe Un Deux Trois in Time Square.

My hometown:  The city of Brockton, Massachusetts

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: I tend to be a big couch potato. Studied film and TV in college, so I love just going to the movies and out to a nice dinner or staying in binging a show on Netflix, and cooking a nice meal.

Single or Taken: I am taken. Over 6 years with my boyfriend, who I met while working at Cubbyhole!!!

Who/what turns me on: Good, normal, interesting people turn me on. Nothing better than an intelligent conversation. And a great sense of humor

Favorite music: Beyoncé

Favorite movie or TV show:  This is a question I’ve never been able to answer. I like everything, or can at least watch it once

Favorite drag queen:  Love em all, but I do get especially trashed at Logan Hardcore’s Boozy Brunch every year on my birthday

My drag name would be: Sandra Bulldick

Favorite gogo boy: whoever has the least on and doesn’t seem cracked out

Favorite DJ: DJ Anastasia C Ledwith aka DJ Stacy

Other stuff you need to know about me: Nothing special about me, out of work I’m pretty boring and a home body

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