Bar Babe of the Week: Federico at Boxers UES

Your Latin Ginger Dream is this week’s Bar Babe!

Bar that I work at: Boxers NYC UES

How long I’ve worked there: It will be 5 months in May 28th

What are my shifts: You can find me there on Tuesdays for Comedy Night, Thursdays for RuPauls Drag Race (#TeamCracker) and Fridays with our selection of DJs. Occasionally you can find me on weekends too.

What makes this bar great: I think what makes our bar great is the vibe we all bring to it. We always try to have fun with the customers and get to know them. And the usual 4 hour long happy hour, of course.

Best drink I make: Martinis of virtually any kind. Its just a drink that I love to make because it’s so versatile in the mixes you can do.

I love it when customers: I love it when customers ask for recommendations on what to drink, and they take one of your recommendations and get that happy reaction because it was exactly what they were looking for

I hate it when customers: I guess it’s a staple in the industry, but I hate when customers don’t tip. We always try to go the extra mile to provide you with a good experience so remember…always tip your bartender/server

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: Hmmm…I think the craziest thing I’ve seen was a lady that fell full-face into the sidewalk and got very severe scratches on her face, and came in and asked for a drink like nothing had ever happened. Luckily we are always prepared with a First Aid Kit.

Other places I’ve worked: Work In Progress back in the day, and several bars back home that are probably not even known here.

My hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: Workout, assist to drag shows (Turnt at The Ritz is my favorite ever), movies and trying out new restaurants.

Single or Taken: “It’s complicated” would be the best description

Who/what turns me on: Sense of humor…if you can’t laugh then there’s nothing to talk about. Also have something to talk about; if my first thought after 5 minutes together is “Can you please turn into a slice of pizza?” then…

Favorite music: I listen to a wide variety of things, from RuPaul to Marilyn Manson. My favorite band ever is Garbage.

Favorite movie or TV show: My favorite TV Show would have to be Golden Girls; I can totally see myself as a Dorothy, but most people somehow relate me to Blanche.

Favorite drag queen: Maddelynn Hatter. Her shows have everything that you look for in drag: fun, lewks, reads, and hooker heels. Not to mention her make up game is ON POINT, but what I like most is that she’s always coming up with new ideas to keep you entertained.

My drag name would be: Selina Cash, cause I love Catwoman and money… also ‘cause it’s almost the same as my last name.

Favorite gogo boy: David Emmanuel, although he does much more than just gogo, but when he does gogo he knows how to keep the party going.

Favorite DJ: I can’t really decide between DJ 2Face and DJ Eugene Edo. They are both fun, have great mixes, and always bring the people to the dancefloor.

Other stuff you need to know about me: I love coffee, I’m a vegetarian, I’m allergic to the sun (something like a modern vampire if you wish), I’m kind of a nerd and also have a degree as a pastry chef!

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