Bar Babe of the Week: Brad at Pieces & Hardware

This smart & funny bar babe is a favorite of the thirsty thots of Hell’s Kitchen and the West Village. Somebody needs to take newer pictures of Brad though, cuz he’s even Bar Babier now!

Bar that I work at: Pieces & Hardware

How long I’ve worked there: Almost a year.

What are my shifts: Saturday nights at Pieces (10pm to 4am). At Hardware you could say I’m an understudy, but I prefer “special guest star.”

What makes this bar great: The people, the performances, the staff.

Best drink I make: The family pack: Bud Light and a shot.

I love it when customers: Know what they want, and speak loud so I can hear them (I’m kinda deaf)

I hate it when customers: Tell me to make their drink strong.

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: A good bartender always keeps his mouth shut.

Other places I’ve worked: 440 Castro and Trax in SF and Café La Boheme in WeHo.

My hometown: Oradell, New Jersey

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: Work my day job at a small production company; I’d love to work in creative development at a studio one day.

Single or Taken: Taken

Who/what turns me on: Confidence, kindness and a fat ass ☺

Favorite music: Pop / Hip Hop

Favorite movie or TV show: Clueless / Parks & Rec

Favorite drag queen: Bootsie LeFaris, who brings the house down every Saturday night at Pieces.

My drag name would be: Puff Puff Patty

Favorite gogo boy: My bf, who dances for the occasional bear and leather party around town.

Favorite DJ: That’s a Sophie’s Choice… I love all the guys who work at Pieces and Hardware.

Other stuff you need to know about me: I know everybody says they are, but I really AM a Carrie.

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