Bar Babe of the Week: Tony at the West End


Hello Manager! It’s the West End’s Tony, plus Tony’s dog!

Bar that I work at: West End Lounge

How long I’ve worked there: 7 months or so

What are my shifts: I bartend on Friday nights from 10pm to 4am. I manage the bar on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

What makes this bar great: I love that its so eclectic. We don’t generalize who is allowed to come in. Gay, Straight, or anything in between.

Best drink I make: I make a mean martini.

I love it when customers: tip, duh. But other than that, I like someone who can hold a conversation when I’m slow and order fast when I’m busy.

I hate it when customers: are rude. Like seriously, you’re in a bar, calm the fuck down… it’s a drink. I also hate it when people whisper their drinks–there is music blasting, if you mouth your order I’ll just assume you aren’t talking to me and ignore you.

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: Haven’t really witnessed anything crazy. I did get to see an amateur actor get to sing a duet with his Broadway idol, which I thought was super cool.

Other places I’ve worked: Name the corporate restaurant and I’ve been there. Also, various bars and clubs around NYC and Orlando

My hometown: Well, this is a loaded question. I really don’t have a hometown. I have always felt at home anywhere that my mom is. But, I am from Georgia, moved to South Florida, then North Florida, then Orlando and now here.

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: I play video games a lot. I enjoy going to the the dog park with my beautiful dog and reading. I collect Power Ranger memorabilia, so I go on hunts around the city for rarities. I am also obsessed with tattoos, so I draw a lot to prepare for the artist. I do standup comedy occasionally, so there is always that.

Single or Taken: Single (unless you count my dog, then I have been happily taken for 6 years.)

Who/what turns me on: Genuine people turn me on. Laughter turns me on. I love a good smile, and someone who takes care of themselves. I enjoy someone who can hold a conversation (not just listening or talking) someone who doesn’t mind silence.

Favorite music: I enjoy sounds. Lol, music is music. I will always listen and enjoy.

Favorite movie or TV show: I don’t have a favorite. I watch horror a lot. If I am having a date night with my dog we watch animation (hes a brony). I can quote Drop Dead Gorgeous, Dirty Love, Romy and Michele, and Girls will be Girls. I am madly in love with Avatar the Last Airbender and Korra respectively. And of course, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

Favorite drag queen: hmm…..i love the art of drag. Kaija Adonis is my best friend and fellow nerd, so I will say her.

My drag name would be: Sasha L’boca

Favorite gogo boy: Beaux Banks. Major Beauxner for him.

Favorite DJ: DJ Scott Robert and DJ Ants. (look them up)

Other stuff you need to know about me: I’m a nerd who would rather spend time at home then go out. I will always love my dog more than people. And I am very “go with the flow.”

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