Bar Babe of the Week: Jackson at the Albatross

Whether pouring spirits at Albatross or giving you life on the stage there or at Icon as Jacklynn Hyde, Jackson has become a staple of Astoria nightlife!

Bar that I work at: I work at Albatross Bar in Astoria!

How long I’ve worked there: I think I’m approaching two years now.

What are my shifts: I work Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays! However, I’m also in drag on Mondays!

What makes this bar great: Well, the bar is often referred to as “Gay Cheers” (where everybody knows your gay), and it often feels that way. Everybody knows everybody, and it’s just a great family environment. Actually, it was the first gay bar I ever went to, so it kinda has a really special place in my heart for that reason, too. I like it so much.. I work here now!

Best drink I make: I’ve recently started making a cocktail I call “The Butch Queen,” which is basically a twist on a Cosmo made with sour ale. It’s the best!

I love it when customers: queen out! I know that’s kinda vague, but we have so many great nights at Albatross with drag shows and Drag Race viewings. It’s just always a thrill to see the whole bar flip out when a certain song comes on. It’s like we’re all on the same wavelength!

I hate it when customers: Walk in with that sour, judgy face we all know too well. I just hate when someone has decided that they have to be shady to make it in a gay bar. If you walk in looking like everyone is beneath you, I immediately hate you.

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: Ooh, wow. Let’s see… we’ve had a monthly naked night for a while now, and that’s never something I expected to be part of! I was raised Mormon, so a bar full of naked men was never on my radar!

Other places I’ve worked: Before this I managed a wine bar in Manhattan. This is definitely different. I’ve worked at other gay bars, but only as a DJ or a drag queen. I have a monthly show at Icon, the sister bar.

My hometown: Kingman, Arizona! A teeny town on Route 66! If you’ve been there, it was probably just to stop and get gas.

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: So, I already mentioned drag– but I also LOVE to cook! I recently went vegan, and I’m now working on putting together a whole new recipe book. I just made a French silk pie!

Single or Taken: Taken! His name is Eli and he’s literally perfect.

Who/what turns me on: What turns me on… what turns me on… you know, I LOVE a good chest. That gets me. Is that so vanilla? Whatever.

Favorite music: Disco. People know it and they hate me for it, but I LOVE old school disco! I love plenty of other stuff, but some Donna Summer is sure to get me going.

Favorite movie or TV show: We’re gonna be here forever. I’m binging so many Netflix shows that it’s all starting to run together, but I love Schitt’s Creek and Bob’s Burgers. As for movies, I love a good cry – but like, a happy cry. Has anyone ever seen This Is Where I Leave You?

Favorite drag queen: Am I allowed to say me? It’s me. Jacklynn Hyde. Though Sutton Lee Seymour is my drag mother and the REASON I do drag, so that probably would have been the more diplomatic answer…

My drag name would be: Oh… this is awkward… @jacklynn.hyde

Favorite gogo boy: You know, I don’t know many gogo boys. I’ve only had one experience with a gogo boy: I was in this Latin club downtown and everybody spoke Spanish and kept giving me glowsticks, so I didn’t catch the guy’s name. We’ll just call him my long lost love. Mi amor

Favorite DJ: DJ BOOBOO! David Booher is the best! He installed the lights at Albatross and is ON POINT when it comes to hitting light cues and adding his own sound effects. He’s now also the co-owner of Icon.

Other stuff you need to know about me: I love to read. I’ve read every David Sedaris book ever, and I love Donna Tartt. I went to school for theatre, but I now I write and want to be writing more! You hiring?

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