Bar Babe of the Week: Mercedes at the Rosemont


Take a luxury ride with Thotyssey’s Bar Babe of the Week, the Rosemont’s resident red-hot badass Mercedes!


The bar I work at: The Rosemont

How long I’ve worked there: Almost a year and a half

What are my shifts: Thursday night for our rotating dance parties, & Sunday from 3PM to 4AM

What makes this bar great: We are a huge family; we take care of each other and all our customers are family to us. We feel so free to be ourselves, and include every single member of the LGBTQA

Best drink I make: Daddy’s Water Burns and the Jennings–our signature cocktails–and I’ve been told I make some mean lemon drops

I love it when customers: brings their dogs in to see me

I hate when customers: Have to act like a stuck up princess and harass others or flirt with the girl I’m trying to flirt with

Craziest thing I’ve seen there: Maybe when I got shitfaced and produced a one woman show involving several lime trays being dumped on myself. I’m hilarious.

Other places I’ve worked: I’ve gogo danced for Hot Rabbit, NYC Pride, Stonewall, and I also bartend at PUMPS ( queer friendly hipster strip club )

My hometown: San Francisco

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: Day drink, I’m also a brunch professional, rooftop drink, go on random ferry rides and drink

Single or taken: Single, and her clam is ready to mingle

Who / what turns me on: A woman who is so sarcastic I don’t know if she’s joking or not, also a passionate dog lover,

Favorite music: Years and Years, Banks, Bishop Briggs, Ellie Goulding, Justin Nozuka, Charlie XCX, Kim Petras and number one my queen: BRITNEY SPEARS

Favorite movie / TV show: Bad Moms & Shameless, I love a good shit show besides myself

Favorite Drag Queen: Oh Jesus, I can’t pick. No lie, every queen that has a residency at The Rosemont or performs there often is my favorite… they turn it out  Hennyyyy

My drag name would be: Risqué Bisque: just ask Matthew L why

My favorite gogo boy: Kane!!!

Favorite DJ: Mila Monstar, Amber Valentine, DJ MOHorrorchataIckarus & Hannah Lou, DJ P_A_T and Bill Coleman

Other stuff you need to know about me: don’t judge me by my resting bitch face honey–I’m just hungover and I will always give out free hugs. Also, a great way to get on this bartender’s good side is to bring your dog during my Sunday happy hour and do fireball shots with me.

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