Bar Babe of the Week: Liam at the Duplex


Get into the crop-topped cuteness of the Duplex’s LIAM!

Bar that I work at: The Duplex

How long I’ve worked there: since September

What are my shifts: Tuesday nights, Thurs / Fri / Sun happy hour upstairs. But I’m always filling in!

What makes this bar great: Nightly live music downstairs, nightly shows, the historic nature of the gayborhood, and my Kylie Minogue heavy playlists in the upstairs video lounge!

Best drink I make: I should say the cucumber martini, but I usually tell people a vodka soda because I’m a jerk.

I love it when customers: know what they want to drink!

I hate it when customers: order drinks backwards. Like instead of saying “vodka cran “ they say “cranberry vodka”

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: hmmm.  Wish I was here the night Lindsay Lohan bought a bottle of Tito’s, but no. I guess I’m always shocked at how many people leave their credit cards behind! Be responsible!!!! And when you come to pick up your card, bring cash to tip, lol!

Other places I’ve worked: 9th Ave Saloon, Fish, Vynl (RIP)

My hometown: Hampstead, NH

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: Gym, Long walks around NYC, causing trouble in HK, shopping for crop tops and overalls, watching figure skating videos

Single or Taken: single AF

Who/what turns me on: Humor! Intelligence! Beef! Good credit!

Favorite music: Kylie, Betty Who, Celine, Kelly Clarkson

Favorite movie or TV show: It’s a Wonderful Life, Babe, Chinatown

Favorite drag queen: Pixie AventuraBootsie LeFarisMaddelynn HatterSherry Pie and all my Duplex queens! I LOVE drag queens

My drag name would be: Rogue Minouge

Favorite gogo boy: ME! Occasionally at Beers & Bears 😉. And Jeremy Ward (that booty! ❤️)

Favorite DJ: Borowski2Face, Corey Craig

Other stuff you need to know about me: I’m a reformed twink! Follow me on social media just for the #tbt ! And I love dogs, so I’m always available to dog sit / possibly steal your dog,

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