Bar Babe of the Week: Achilles at Rebar


Get ready to WOOF for ReBar’s Achilles!

Bar that I work at: Rebar in Chelsea

How long I’ve worked there: This April 2018 will be a year since they opened, so almost one year.

What are my shifts: Happy Hour FRIDAYS – SATURDAYS – SUNDAYS

What makes this bar great: I am working with the best staff of bartenders and management in NYC, hands down. The bar is beautifully designed. The RAM Party, TRETA, Show Tunes Sundays and the Drag Race viewing party bring them in from all walks of life. I love that we have the best mix of customers of all shapes and sizes come in and keep coming back.

Best drink I make: “ An award winning Margarita..” – Achilles mom.

I love it when customers: Make me laugh or tell me a good story. I love it when they compliment a playlist I happen to have on that day. I really love it when I can play matchmaker with customers, or hear something they may have common ground about and bring them together.

I hate it when customers:  A) Complain about drink prices in NYC. Drinks happen to be really cheap in Shreveport, Louisiana though.. B) Ask me to make it “strong.”  Really? Should I just go to CVS and buy a bottle of rubbing alcohol for ya ?  C) Act like they literally landed from their spaceship to NYC and have absolutely no idea they have to tip their bartenders. We see you.

Craziest thing I have seen here: Watching a boyfriend watch another boyfriend on a date, literally in a corner with his hoodie on, iPad recording the whole thing. Then of course, there was the time I had to stop a four-way in the bathroom stall; they were cute, but the NY Dept of Health don’t play!

Other places I have worked: Not my first BBQ, as they say: The Works, King, Stonewall, XES, The Monster, the Eagle NYC and now REBAR.

My hometown: Queens, NY

Stuff I do when I am not at work: I’m a bit of a homebody. Mostly quiet, boring stuff. I love movies.

Single or taken:  Single

Who / what turns me on:  I think Tom Hardy is the fucking sexiest man alive. Hands down. But what turns me on is empathy, kindness, loves animals, a sense of humor and–stereotypically–a sexy, scruffy face attached to a fuzzy body that knows its way around a gym.

Favorite music: Depends on my mood, but pretty much everything from Beth Ditto to Carrie Underwood to Bruno Mars to Alison Kraus and Union Station.

Favorite movie and / or TV show: Best movie I saw this year was The Florida Project. I am loving The Deuce on HBO.

Favorite drag queen: Bianca Del Rio is hands down the most viciously funny and smartest drag queen I have ever seen. She is the one you pay money to see. Love her.

My drag name would be: Media Influenza.

Favorite gogo boy: Sam Lemar on Saturday Nights at Rebar. His leg workout should be boxed and sold. He may need a little assistance with his squats, though. Sam if you’re listening…If I can be of ANY assistance with your squats, call me maybe?

Favorite DJ: Love Honey Dijon and Marques Wyatt.

Other stuff you need to know about me:  I am a talent manager for actors in the daytime during the week. I represent them from for Broadway Television Film and Theater. But until one of them books a series , I am behind the bar for as long as they will have me 🙂

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