Bar Babe of the Week: Dyllan at the Monster


Get ready for some new original music from Hot Monster Dyllan-Kevin White!

Bar that I work at: The Manhattan Monster Bar

How long I’ve worked there: March 2018 will be my one year anniversary

What are my shifts: I work mostly happy hours. We don’t have a set schedule; it switches up every week. But I work about 4-5 days a week, so I’m sure if you walk in, you’ll see me.

What makes this bar great: This bar literally offers everything. A chill bar to hang out at upstairs, the piano area to sing along to.. then they have a night club downstairs, with gogo boys, dancing and drag queens. It’s such a diverse place to wor,k and we get everyone from ages 21-91 coming to this bar. It’s so awesome and keeps it exciting.

Best drink I make: Anything tequila-based, haha. I make what I like to drink. Oh, and my version of a chocolate martini.

I love it when customers: Make me laugh and have interesting stories to tell. That’s why I enjoy working happy hours. The things they have lived through…

I hate it when customers: Keep asking for drinks when I’ve already cut their asses off, hahaha! Oh and when someone buys you a drink, at least be nice enough to go over and say thank you. It takes balls to do that, so don’t be rude.

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: Drag queen peeing herself and being dragged outta here.. two men over the age of 70 getting in a fist fight.. and just seeing people coming in shy and reserved, few drinks later the wild comes out. It’s quite entertaining.

Other places I’ve worked: G Lounge (now known as ReBar), a Mexican restaurant called Arriba Arriba in HK, brief stint at Rocking Horse

My hometown: San Diego, CA

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: I make music: write, produce, record, sing. And I swim: I wanna start competing again.

Single or Taken: I’ll just say I’m happy.. very happy. (Lol yes I am taken)!

Who/what turns me on: Sense of humor (being able to laugh at yourself), polite, good values, nice smile, nice butt haha.. oh, and a bomb-ass cook.

Favorite music: There’s good in every genre.. Too hard to pick.

Favorite movie or TV show: I really like animated shows and films.. dark comedies.. movies at the top of my head? Deadpool, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Favorite drag queen: Bianca, Bob, Alyssa Edwards, Trinity Beat, Jasmine LaBeija, Tina Burner, Kareem McJagger… a lot more but this will turn into a long list of queens I’m into.

My drag name would be: Well, they say it’s your first pet and first street you lived on.. right? That would make me Rambo Barbara.. or is that the porn name?

Favorite gogo boy: Anyone who can actually dance

Favorite DJ: Damn.. I feel like I am being too broad, but anyone who continues to help me turn up while I’m drinking and dancing. I like top 40, R&B and throw backs. Those DJ’s get me goin’.

Other stuff you need to know about me: I was born in the Philippines, I was a championship swimmer, and I love tequila. I moved to NYC when I was 17 with only $150. Over ten years later, still standing and releasing my first album later this year!

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