Bar Babe of the Week: Michael at The Ritz

Veteran pourmaster at the Ritz Michael has Legacy Bar Babe Status!

Bar that I work at: The Ritz Bar & Lounge in Hell’s Kitchen

How long I’ve worked there: 12 years, since we opened

What are my shifts: Wednesday happy hour; Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings.

What makes this bar great: Its inclusion of our diversity, and our focus on its fun atmosphere. It’s great to have a place that welcomes and embraces everyone from our community.

Best drink I make: I really enjoy a Ruby Red Cosmo with a dash of grapefruit, or spicy margs!!!

I love it when customers: Are kind and considerate. And I love when they are there to have fun.

I hate it when customers: are rude / inconsiderate to other patrons, which I quickly correct. I have no patience for shady folks.

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: Oh God… when Madonna came that was cool, but also the time we helped Gaga out… too many Mezcals.

Other places I’ve worked: The old Crobar. Nightlife history.

My hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: Read, gaming, hanging with friends. Cooking is fun too.

Single or Taken: Single, after a 10 year run I’m back in the market lol

Who/what turns me on: people who are compassionate and humble. The gay nerd is a fave, lol.

Favorite music: Old New wave / industrial / punk music

Favorite movie or TV show: Star wars anything, scary anything!

Favorite drag queen:so many. Maddelynn Hatter, Tina BurnerJada Valenciaga

My drag name would be: Lol. Lemme think…. Morticia St. Michaels

Favorite gogo boy: Vlad… he’s a fun one

Favorite DJ: DJ Xavier, DJ Vito Fun, DJ Dawson

Other stuff you need to know about me: I enjoy people and love helping them have a fun time. That’s what our job as bartenders is. We aren’t there to give you drama or attitude. We should be seen as an extension of your party.

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