Bar Babe of the Week: Jon at The Deep End


Climb down the McManhole of The Deep End’s co-owner and Bar Babe, Jon!

Bar that I work at: The Deep End

How long I’ve worked there: It feels like a decade, but this past Saturday was our first birthday!

What are my shifts: Thursday and Saturday all night, most Fridays, and brunch shifts starting very soon! And even if I don’t work it, I always end up coming in to party at Otter Box every Sunday.

What makes this bar great: We are a space where anything is possible, and everyone is welcome. We have great food until late, but also throw down hard when it’s party time. My favorite is when people come in just expecting to get some food or a happy hour drink, and end up staying and dancing all night.

Best drink I make: I can make all those cocktail things, but I prefer standing on top of the bar pouring shots into your mouth.

I love it when customers: Tip. Or even just treat their bartender like a human. Also watching someone’s face when they walk in and clearly had no idea we existed until that moment (we don’t look like much from the outside).

I hate it when customers: Do stupid shit. Once somebody started talking about politics and Trump (already not my favorite), and then said “you just kinda have to go along with it and stay under the radar.” I took their drink away and told them they were cut off, fortunately they left soon after…girl bye. Actually, even worse: ordering a drink “light ice, and make it strong.” Pro tip – this will either make your drink weaker, half empty, or both.

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: For Halloween we built our side room out into an interactive haunted house for two weeks, it was pretty epic. I took off a couple bar shifts to chase people around with a chainsaw.

Other places I’ve worked: Uhh, a million. Most recently at Terra Firma, love them.

My hometown: I was grew up in Boston, but I’ve been here for 12 years so consider NYC home by now.

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: Play capoeira, lay with my cat Kitty Purry, and try to find adventures in nature outside of the city. Let’s be real though, I pretty much just cuddle with my cat.

Single or Taken: Somewhere in between.

Who/what turns me on: People who are good at something that they care about. And a nice ass.

Favorite music: Anything with a good beat. Is that a lazy answer?

Favorite movie or TV show: HQ Trivia > movies or TV.

Favorite drag queen: Myself? Or any of the fabulous queens who’ve been at The Deep End, there’s too much talent out there to pick favorites.

My drag name would be: Amber McManhole. “Is,” not “would be”…the betch has got her own Facebook account.

Amber is gonna be performing at the three year anniversary of Otter Box this weekend

Favorite gogo boy: Too many juicy choices. Whoever’s shaking their ass in my face at the moment.

Favorite DJ: Mr. JPatt

Other stuff you need to know about me: I’m actually one of the owners, but I tried not to make this into a promo piece for The Deep End (even though you should totally come check us out if you haven’t yet!)

Follow me on: Insta: @deependnyc (sorry I’m old, I honestly don’t have a personal one)



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