Bar Babe of the Week: Hoff at Georgie’s

“Daddy” Hoff has you served at Georgie’s, the Gay Cheers of Asbury Park!

Bar that I work at: Georgie’s

How long I’ve worked there: My second run here. the first time 4 years, this time 6 years

What are my shifts: Tuesday & Wednesday nighs

What makes this bar great:  It’s the community bar. The Gay Cheers!

Best drink I make: it’s called “Delicious!” And anything in Stemware.

I love it when customers: Smile, laugh and tip well

I hate it when customers: Are rude, nasty, and don’t tip

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: How many people came out during Hurricane Sandy by candlelight

Other places I’ve worked: The Hangar NYC, PapiCock NYC, Paradise NJ,Colosseum, Deko, Cruisin’ the circuit.

My hometown:  Asbury Park originally from Philly

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: Lots of charitable work, and my own event company

Single or Taken: It’s Complicated

Who/what turns me on: Morris Chestnut in Leather!!!! Woof.

Favorite music: House

Favorite movie or TV show: Steel Magnolias / The Color Purple

Favorite drag queen: She’s now a transwoman: Candis Cayne

My drag name would be: Della Gates, ‘cause I tell bitches what to do, lmao!

Favorite gogo boy: Julian! He works at Georgie’s every Tuesday, from Philly

Favorite DJ: DJ Relentless

Other stuff you need to know about me:  My event company is called Hoffman Parties. I’ve really mastered that side: weddings, openings liquor kick-offs, circuit parties… I’ve done them all.. I lead by my heart, which is sometimes too big, and I am a spiritual man that loves to cook!!!

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